About Elena Evtimova PhD and Jon Whale PhD

Elena Evtimova PhD
Elena Evtimova PhD is a physicist working at the area of Quantum Field Theory and its possible applications to the Human Aura as structural Energy-Information Patterns. She turned her interest to Human Assemblage Point after translating in Bulgarian one of the books of Dr Whale – The Catalyst of Power – the Assemblage Point of Man. She teaches students at Department for Language Teaching and International Students, University of Sofia, Bulgaria and may be contacted via  emerald_tablet@abv.bg     http://humanenergyfields.hit.bg/

Jon Whale PhD
Jon Whale is an electronic design and development engineer working exclusively on medical applications. He is also a graphologist, transactional analyst and teaches and lectures internationally. Jon has  researched the effects of the energy body (Unified Field or Aura) on psychological and physiological diseases combined with Ayurvedic Medicine and Electronic Gem Therapy. His books include Naked Spirit: The Physical, Psychological, Emotional and Spiritual Maps for Health and Disease Including The Assemblage Point Blueprints. He can be contacted via whalemedicalinc@aol.com   www.whalemedical.com

Articles by Elena Evtimova PhD and Jon Whale PhD

  1. Vibration-Oscillation Diagnosing and Healing Therapy

    Listed in energy medicine

    Several existing new technologies of diagnosing and healing, based upon the latest accomplishments of quantum physics, engineering and biophysical sciences are reviewed in this deta...

Book reviews by Elena Evtimova PhD and Jon Whale PhD

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