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Elaine has practised and taught the Living Foods courses for many years. Originally taught by Dr Ann Wigmore in Boston in 1980, she spent some time working in the Puerto Rico clinic in 1992. She has trained and studied in many alternative modalities, including Naturopathy and Homeopathy. She presents residential Living Foods Courses for small groups in her dedicated Living Foods house and garden, where the emphasis is on the individual's journey to sounder health. She is available for day workshops or illustrated talks by arrangement and can be reached at: The UK Centre for Living Foods, Holmleigh Gravel Hill, Ludlow Shropshire SY8 1QS. Tel: 01584 875308 ; elaine@livingfoods.co.uk; www living foods.co.uk

Articles by Elaine Bruce

  1. Living Foods - The Optimum in Natural Nutrition

    Listed in organic food

    Living Foods is a phrase increasingly used in therapeutic circles as well as by nutrition conscious people, to indicate the use of plant foods to obtain a superior level of natural ...

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