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Edwin Alan Salter MA MSc PhD now lives in King’s Lynn and has worked in diverse fields including dance and psychotherapy, biochemistry and education, with recent writings on language, humanism and climate. He may be contacted via kl.humanfactors@talktalk.net.

Articles by Edwin Alan Salter

  1. Moving Well: Laban Movement Therapy in Action

    Listed in movement

    Body movements provide an insight into the innermost feelings and way of life of a person. The Laban Movement is a system and language of observing, describing and notating all for...

  2. Breath, Voice, Speech

    Listed in sound and music

    This article focuses on the importance of voice and speech and ways in which we can improve how we sound. Counselling helps people to find what they really mean and sometimes it is...

  3. Life By Design - An Aesthetic Therapy

    Listed in holistic psychotherapy

    Dr Salter believes that the function of therapy often is to find an aesthetic design within our experiences - and this leads to the idea that as we may re-cast the story of our past...

  4. The Victim Body

    Listed in mind body

    An old joke recounts a drunk searching within the light of a street lamp for his keys, more probably dropped some distance away in complete darkness. His effort mixes the plausible ...

  5. Evolutionary Health

    Listed in movement

    We have arrived at an understanding of our biological origins that is truly inspiring. The argument set out briefly here aims to sketch a vision of how our evolution can guide both ...

  6. Anxious Times – Evolution And Threat

    Listed in anxiety

    It seems fair to characterise contemporary life by rapid change and high uncertainty that result in stress (the WHO refers to an epidemic) and ineffective action. Much threat is of...

  7. Obesity – A Survey of Factors and Practical Responses

    Listed in weight loss

    Our fatness is totally obvious and has increased relentlessly over several generations, a global pandemic (WHO, now 13% adults obese, x3 since 1975) as many poorer catch up with and...

  8. Posture And Balance

    Listed in movement

    Both of the terms posture and balance seem to speak of stillness, but it is rather that they are continually with us, most noticed when the flurry of activity ceases.  And every mov...

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