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Dr Susi Strang Wood MRCGP, having enjoyed a career in General Practice and Occupational Health, now integrates her diagnostic skills with her extensive training in the applied psychology of performance excellence. She utilises her experience and expertise to pursue her interests in the development of people. Experienced in psychotherapy, executive coaching, recruitment and the management of change in large organisations, Susi’s raison d’être is to enable success in others.

Internationally trained by key developers and pioneers of NLP, Susi has been applying NLP in business, training and psychotherapy for over twenty years. UKCP registered as a psychotherapist, since 1995, she is a past Chair of the Accreditation Panel of the Neurolinguistic Psychotherapy and Counselling Association and certified as a Master Trainer of NLP. Susi’s presentation style is personal, lively and thought provoking. She may be contacted on Tel: 01287 654 075; info@drsusistrang.com   www.drsusistrang.co.uk

Articles by Dr Susi Strang Wood

  1. Listening to Your Body

    Listed in cancer

    Sue is a remarkable woman. She smiles knowingly, talking from her inner being, feeling the well of emotion inside, her gratitude for life. The first recall she has of leaving hospit...

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