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Dr Simon Hincks MB BS started his professional life as a conventional medical doctor. As a client of IDT in 1994 he received a treatment course of NLP which opened him to new ways of thinking, particu- larly around health. He is now a qualified Master Practitioner in NLP. He works as a complementary health practitioner, using NLP on an individual level, at the Complete Healthcare Centre in London. He also works as an holistic health consultant, currently with IDT where he heads up their Research and Development. He can be contacted on 020-7336 8159 Email: holistichealth@freecall-uk.co.uk

Articles by Dr Simon Hincks

  1. An Holistic Approach to Immune-Related Illnesses

    Listed in immune function

    I hit upon using the NLP model of Neuro-Logical levels. This model was outlined by one of the NLP leading developers, Robert Dilts. It suggests a way of thinking about the way in wh...

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