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Dr Rosy Daniel, BSc, MBBCh, trained as a GP and then specialized in holistic, mind-body medicine. She worked for 15 years as a doctor at the Bristol Cancer Help Centre until 1999 and was Medical Director and Chief Executive of the Centre from 1996. 

Dr Daniel currently works as an Integrative Medicine Consultant at Bailbrook House in Bath. She was formerly a Doctor and then Medical Director of Bristol Cancer Help Centre (1985 to 1999), and served as Chief Executive Officer between 1995 and 1999. Dr Daniel is currently Medical Director of her own organisation, Health Creation, set up in 1999 to develop and provide holistic health care products and health coaching services and Director of the British College of Integrative Medicine.

Dr Daniel is a published author of the Cancer Lifeline Kit and five other books. In 2007 Dr Daniel co-founded the Integrative Health Trust with the aim of creating the British College of Integrative Medicine which will combine a residential IM clinic, research facility and IM medical school to train the next generation of Integrative Medicine Doctors and Nurses. Dr Rosy Daniel may be contacted via her PA on Tel: +44 01225 745 737; www.HealthCreation.co.uk      www.IntegrativeHealthTrust.org

Articles by Dr Rosy Daniel

  1. Healthy Bristol

    Listed in clinical practice

    Dr Daniel started the three-year Healthy Bristol Integrated Medicine Project in April 2001, with the aim of making Complementary and Alternative medicine, Psychological Support Serv...

  2. Efficacy of Lifestyle Intervention Programmes in the Treatment of Non-communicable Lifestyle-related Illness

    Listed in clinical practice

    In this highly referenced article, Dr Rosy Daniel, formerly Medical Director of Bristol Cancer Help Centre and currently Director of Health Creation, reviews research demonstrating ...

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