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Dr Ray Gottlieb OD PhD, successfully cured myopia and presbyopia in his own eyes through natural vision methods. A behavioural Optometrist for over 30 years, he uses vision training/therapy, natural vision exercises and syntonic phototherapy for improving learning and attention deficits, eye turns, myopia and presbyopia, brain injury and stroke recovery, and musicians learning and performance skills. He has served on the faculty of two optometry schools (University of California, Berkeley and University of Houston), and a medical school (University of Rochester) and was research editor for the Brain/Mind Bulletin. Currently he is the Dean of the College of Syntonic Optometry, Staff Optometrist at a psychiatric hospital, a low vision specialist at a clinic for the visually impaired, on the faculty at the Chautauqua Institution Piano Department, and in private practice in Rochester, NY. He has written articles and chapters on vision, a PhD dissertation The Neuropsychology of Nearsightedness, and two books: Attention and Memory Training and The Fundamentals of Flow in Learning Music (with Rebecca Penneys). He has invented several vision therapy procedures, including the Read Without Glasses Method for presbyopia reduction. He may be contacted via

Articles by Dr Ray Gottlieb

  1. The Read Without Glasses Method

    Listed in vision and eye sight

    According to the author, the unavoidable loss of near focus from the age of 40+ is not a fact but an unchallenged assumption as there is no scientific basis to this. He adds that in...

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