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Dr Paul Lloyd, specializing in the history of diet, nutrition and food practices, has lectured and taught medical history at The University of Leicester.  Although he has now retired from teaching, he remains an active researcher and writer.  In addition to his latest book, Become Your Own Doctor: Lost Secrets of Humoral Healthcare Revealed, he has also authored Food and Identity in England 1540–1640: Eating to Impress (London and New York, Bloomsbury Academic, 2015).  Some of his articles include: ‘Ancient Knowledge of Leukocytes: A Lost Humor Found’, in Nexus 23:4 (2016); ‘Dietary Advice and Fruit Eating in Late Tudor and Early Stuart England’, in Journal of the History of Medicine and Allied Sciences 67:4 (2012), ‘The Changing Status of Offal: a fashionable food in England between 1545 and 1655’, in Food, Culture and Society 15:1 (2012); ‘Nutritious Foods and Consumption Choices in the Early Modern Period’, in Social History of Medicine 24:1 (2011); and ‘Making Waterfowl Safe to Eat: Medical Opinion and the Science of Transforming Hurtful Nature in Early Seventeenth-century England’, in Food and History 11:1 (2013).  You may follow Paul Lloyd on Facebook: www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100010698308654, or at his website www.paullloyd.weebly.com

Articles by Dr Paul Lloyd

  1. Food Confusion - Reappraise, Adopt a Back-to-Basics Approach with our Daily Regime

    Listed in naturopathy

    True, he gave us the still-important Hippocratic Oath; but with regard to dietary advice and medicine, surely we have moved on since 400BC? Well of course we have, but in so doing ...

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