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Dr Keith Scott-Mumby MB ChB is the author of 6 books on alternative medicine, including the best-selling Food Allergy Plan. At present he lives in Spain, and visits the UK monthly for clinics. Once known to Fleet Street as 'The Number One Allergy Detective', he has now moved into the domain of electromagnetic diagnostic and treatment devices. His new book Virtual Medicine (Thorsons, July 1999) reflects these new interests. It brings together the wisdom of Eastern healing and Western science technology in a completely new paradigm. For more information about the machine and UK introductory courses contact: Life-Energies Tel: 01725 513129 Email:lenergies@aol.com or Dr. Keith Scott-Mumby 0700-078 1744 (UK) or 0034 95 266 1207 (Spain). E-mail: scottmumbywellness@gmail.com    www.scott-mumby.com/about

Articles by Dr Keith Scott-Mumby

  1. Star Trek Medicine is Here!

    Listed in energy medicine

    A pocket-sized device to defibrillate hearts, treat sports injuries, strokes, angina, back pains and irritable bowel disease (as well as pre-menstrual tension and post-surgical comp...

  2. Four Dimensional Wellness

    Listed in healing

    My quest for some years has been for a model which will bind us all together in a friendly, cohesive schema. Not only that, but most important of all (to me), one which will persuad...

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