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Star Trek Medicine is Here!

by Dr Keith Scott-Mumby(more info)

listed in energy medicine, originally published in issue 44 - September 1999

Professor Revenko stood on a public stage in Sochi in southern Russia at the 5th Annual Convention in July 1998 and stated that he thought there were few diseases which the family of SCENAR medical devices could not treat and often cure. This new system is a revolutionary electro-magnetic approach which combines the technology of orthodox Western medical practice with ancient knowledge of the East.

Therapist Gillian Barker using the SCENAR device. The device locates an area requiring treatment and creates the necessary bioenergetic feedback

Therapist Gillian Barker using the SCENAR device. The device locates an area
requiring treatment and creates the necessary bioenergetic feedback


In 1986 the offspring of a secret military Soviet project finally emerged into the public domain after nearly 20 years of development behind closed doors. One of the results of work created by a leading Russian Radio-Engineering Institute was a device which is beginning to alter dramatically the way healthcare is delivered in Russia. SCENAR is an acronym for self-controlled energo-neuro-adaptive regulation.

The aim is to stimulate the body's own endogenous energies to effect the cure, using as a mediator our own internal pharmacy of neuropeptides. This allows the body its own choice of healing ingredients. Through biofeedback an interaction is formed between the tissues and the instrument; each new signal evolves as a new output. No two consecutive signals from the device are the same. This allows the treatment to be truly dynamic, adjusting for changes in the body through time and in different physiological states.

The SCENAR devices arose from a study of an Eastern therapy known as 'zonal contact massage'. The intention had been to develop some way of altering the pressure of the massage, according to skin response. Equipment was developed to tap magnetic effects from the skin and use these to modulate changes in pressure of the massage. A team of scientists, including five research doctors, was involved in the original studies, based in Sochi and Krasnodar. The establishment of a biofeedback mechanism led to the creation of a device in which output was dependent on the energetic response of the skin. The term SCENAR was born. It is a brilliant marriage of Western electronic technology and Eastern energetic healing skills.

Space Race

When the Soviet Union decided to send cosmonauts into orbit for prolonged periods, it was clear that they needed to have a means of treating any illnesses that could befall them. Unlike the American system, there were no convenient re-usable shuttles to bring an ailing cosmonaut back to Earth, should the need have arisen. The possibility of incapacitating disease was a major worry.

The pharmaceutical approach was not tenable, bearing in mind the rigorous weight and space limitations and the fact that drug-oriented medicine is based on the principle of one substance for each (potential) condition. Even a very modest medicine range would be weighty. Also, in an environment where recycling of water is such an essential feature, any drug entering the water circulation system would remain, passing through the cosmonaut many times.

This was at a time when the Russian space programme was being watched by the rest of the world, and maintaining national prestige was of paramount concern to the Soviet government. It was essential to come up with something radically new. It had to be light, easy to use and, of course, really effective.

Bioenergetic technology was the only extant medical paradigm capable of delivering these stringent requirements. The SCENAR came to the fore. By building on advanced neurophysiology research, particularly in connection with the reticular formation pathways in the brain, the team developed elegant new physiological models, which led to the current range of electronic interactive devices. Two member of the team were subsequently awarded the Order of Lenin (in their terms, equivalent to a Nobel Prize)

Ironically, no SCENAR device has been used in space to date. There were delays caused by the authorities insisting on a waterproofing process. Before this matter was resolved, funds were suddenly stopped at the time of perestroika; the so-called 'space race' was called off and the team disbanded. The USA began working on combined space projects with the Russians and they introduced the capability of evacuating sick cosmonauts on the shuttle, which meant there was no further need of on-board therapy.

However, four of the original team felt they had designed a very worthwhile system, capable of changing the face of medicine, and decided to take it onto the open market. So far, around 600 doctors in Russia are using it as their principal treatment modality and it is now available to select and trained practitioners in the West. Virtual Medicine has crossed-over into the mainstream!

The promise of a small hand-held device that is capable of curing most illness, such as was portrayed in the cult 1960s TV series "Star Trek", has become a reality.

Therapist Gillian Barker using the SCENAR device. The device locates an area requiring treatment and creates the necessary bioenergetic feedback

Therapist Gillian Barker using the SCENAR device. The device locates an area
requiring treatment and creates the necessary bioenergetic feedback


The device weighs around 300 grams, resembles a TV remote control and is powered by an ordinary 9 volt battery. It is placed on the skin of the chest, head, abdomen or any diseased part, where it collects electromagnetic signals. These are then modulated according to the on-board software programme and played back to the tissues. Essentially, SCENAR is using the patient's own endogenous signals on a cybernetic feedback basis, scanning and re-transmitting many times a second. As described to me by one of the developers, the device 'evolves' a new signal pattern for the disordered tissues, the machine literally entering into an information dialogue with the body. New frequencies and energy patterns are established, which in turn become fresh input signals, to be further modified, and so on. This output-equals-new-input is much the way that fractals are generated. On the premise that disease signals are generally fixed and unnatural, anything which breaks up the existing order has the capability of disease-busting.

Clinical Aspects

The device is very safe; the impulse times are very short. No pain is usually felt but the patient is aware of a tingling sensation while it works. The practitioner seeks for what the Russians term asymmetry, meaning something different about the tissue characteristics in the vicinity. There are five main criteria:

  • discolouration (reddening or pallor);
  • sensation (numbness or hyper-aesthesia);
  • 'stickiness' in which the machine drags with a magnet-like quality as it is drawn over certain tracts of the skin;
  • sound changes (the machine begins to chatter electronically as it hits certain zones);
  • change in numerical output display.

Even though it may not coincide with the obvious area of symptoms or pathology, the important point is to treat the asymmetry. For reasons we do not fully understand, when this is eliminated, recovery will rapidly follow.


A summary of findings in different clinical groups on 50,000 cases from 3,000 SCENAR doctors and other practitioners includes cumulative percentages in which 'effectiveness' is defined as a cure in 66% of cases and some improvement in 33% of cases:

  • Circulatory 82%
  • Musculoskeletal 79%
  • Respiratory 84%
  • Ear and Mastoid 82%
  • Gastrointestinal 93%
  • Eye and adnexae 93%
  • Genito-urinary 89%
  • Mouth/Jaw/Saliva glands 91%
  • Gynae and Obstetrics 78%

This list is far from exhaustive and I have been able to establish that there are many other areas in which SCENAR is highly effective. For example, there is a current 98% cure rate achievement for benign prostatic hypertrophy and in the case of acute mastitis the device is 100% effective to date. Nothing I know of can come close to its figures against frigidity, impotence and infertility (60th percentile).

There are remarkably few contra-indications, notably heart pacemakers and, after 20 years, a complete absence of negative side-effects. SCENAR technology can be used as a valuable addition to other therapies or could be a stand-alone treatment. The extra-ordinary feature is that the same small device can be used to treat the heart of one patient, the knee of the next, the breasts and adnexa of the next – all relying on one small battery as an energy source!

Further Information

This article is extracted from Dr Scott-Mumby's new book Virtual Medicine, published by Thorsons, July 1999.

Case Studies

Male, 69 years old
     This man who was a gardener by profession had chronic suppurating osteomyelitis of the foot which could not be controlled. He was scheduled for an amputation of the lower leg in four days time, largely due to intractable pain. Someone decided to try a SCENAR device on him. It was run over the affected limb for about 30 minutes.
     Next day, the pain had vanished for the first time in 8 months. Later that day another 30-minute treatment was given. By next morning the recovery was so dramatic the amputation was called off. A third treatment was given and seven days after the first SCENAR this man was back at work, digging in the garden. His leg has completely recovered.

Female, age 68 years
     This lady had attended for successful treatment of her asthma. She commented on painful arthritic knees. I decided to try the SCENAR. In order to gauge the effectiveness of the treatment I suggested that we concentrate on the left knee only and she could compare any improvements with the status of the right knee.
     Next morning she rang and was delighted that the pain had vanished from both knees. One week later, as of the time she returned to the UK, she had no further pain.

Female, age 41 years
     This lady is the presenter of a radio-programme on which I appear each month as the visiting alternative doctor. On this occasion (early-April) she was struggling with her hay-fever, with streaming eyes and nose and constant sniffing which sounded awful on-air.
     In a 3-minute gap for advertisements I grabbed the SCENAR device and gave her a fast treatment over the forehead and cheeks. Just before going back on-air she breathed in and was delighted to note that virtually all symptoms had vanished! She needed a further treatment 2 days later, as the symptoms were back. But again, just a few minutes cleared her sinuses completely.
She has opted for regular treatments, until we can do an allergy work up for her condition.


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