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Dr Kate Kass ND is a functional medicine physician in the state of Washington. She treats a broad range of acute and chronic conditions, specializing in men’s and women’s hormone health, andropause, menopause, bioidentical hormones and hormone pellets, sexual health and function, and regenerative medicine. She believes that there is no “one-size- fits-all” solution and that a patient’s unique constellation of symptoms, genetics, and environmental factors should guide her treatment. Dr Kass embraces the philosophy of treating the system instead of individual symptoms, as it reflects her own healthcare experience and may be contacted Tel: +1 425.970.8568;  info@drkatekass.com   https://drkatekass.com/

Articles by Dr Kate Kass

  1. Hormones 101 What's Happening with Hormones

    Listed in women's health

    Hormones have a lot of control over our bodies and it’s absolutely necessary to know as much as you can about them. You might have heard about oestrogen, testosterone and cortisol, ...

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