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Joseph Mercola DO is an osteopathic physician, also known as a DO. DOs are licensed physicians who, similar to MDs, can prescribe medication and perform surgery in all 50 states. DOs and MDs have similar training requiring four years of study in the basic and clinical sciences, and the successful completion of licensing exams. He is also board-certified in family medicine and served as the chairman of the family medicine department at St. Alexius Medical Center for five years. He is trained in both traditional and natural medicine and is the author of three New York Times Bestsellers, The Great Bird Flu Hoax, The No-Grain Diet, and Effortless Healing. Dr Mercola was granted fellowship status by the American College of Nutrition (ACN) in October 2012. In order to obtain fellowship status with the ACN one must meet a minimum of four requirements. Those requirements include: (1) co-author five or more publications relevant to nutrition in referred medical or scientific journals; (2) demonstrate significant experience in patient care; (3) hold a doctoral degree from an institution that is accredited by the Regional Accrediting Organizations, and (4) maintain status with the ACN.

In 2009, Dr Mercola was named the top Ultimate Wellness Game Changer by the Huffington Post, an honour that celebrates “100 innovators, visionaries, and leaders in 10 categories who are harnessing the power of new media to reshape their fields and change the world.” HuffPost readers voted him to the top to receive this special award. See more of his story in The Game Changer: A Mercola Documentary. Dr Mercola may be contacted via www.mercola.com

Articles by Dr Joseph Mercola

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