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Dr Jane Collins used to farm 200 acres of arable land on Merseyside. She returned to academic study and undertook an HND in Agricultural Sciences at Myerscough College, Lancashire. Following this, Jane went to Scottish Agricultural College and studied for an Honours Degree in Arable Crop Production. Jane did her PhD at Liverpool John Moores University and researched medicinal and aromatic plants, their biochemistry and physiology and their potential as alternative crops for UK farmers. Jane created the project on Merseyside to incorporate medicinal and aromatic plants for farmers and is Agricultural Director of the project and co-directs with Professor Nick Lepp at John Moores University. Jane has supported farmers by establishing the laboratory on the farm, by providing national and global links and networks for the farmers and has undertaken extensive market research for the farmers.

Articles by Dr Jane Collins

  1. Organic Production of Essential Oils in the UK

    Listed in aromatherapy

    Agriculture, our most important global industry, provides the world population with food from plants and animals. Farmers grow plants and animals to harvest as foodstuffs and are li...

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