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Dr Ian Pearson BSc DSc CITP FBCS FWAAS is an all-round futurist/futurologist with a sound engineering foundation and over 1800 inventions. He has delivered well over 1000 conference presentations and appeared over 700 times on TV and Radio, often following writing done for PR campaigns. He has written hundreds of commissioned reports, press articles and seven books, most recently Society Tomorrow, Space Anchor, Total Sustainability and You Tomorrow (2nd Edn). He is a Chartered Fellow of the British Computer Society and a Fellow of the World Academy for Arts and Science and the World innovation Foundation. Dr Pearson may be contacted on Tel: 01473 710870; idpearson@gmail.com   https://about.me/ian.pearson     www.futurizon.com/

Articles by Dr Ian Pearson

  1. The Future of Sleep

    Listed in sleep and insomnia

    Levitating beds, dream controlling apps and a mattress that destroys body odour? These are the sleep technologies we are likely to see in the future, according to a world-leading ex...

Book reviews by Dr Ian Pearson

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