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Harry Alder is an experienced businessman, having held top corporate director and public authority positions. He now trains senior executives in leading companies in personal effectiveness, specialising in the area of creativity and innovation. He is a popular keynote speaker at management and sales conferences internationally, and his books and research have also involved broadcasting on television and radio in the UK and in the far east.
He has tutored MBA students in strategic management, marketing, finance (he is an accountant by profession), and other subjects over a number of years. His writing on these subjects is extensive, with scores of published articles in leading management and training journals. His books include:
The Right Brain ManagerNLP: The New Art and Science of Getting What You WantThink Like a Leader;  The Right Brain Time Manager;  NLP for Managers;  NLP for Trainers;  Masterstroke;  Train Your Brain;  Corporate Charisma.
Currently being published (1998) Mind to Mind MarketingHow to Get, Do and Be what you wantCorporate PositioningNLP in 21 Days. Dr Alder has a masters degree and doctorate in business administration, and is associate professor of a leading international business school. He is a certified NLP master practitioner. Dr Alder can be contacted on 01604 702189.

Articles by Dr Harry Alder

  1. The Time Dimension

    Listed in nlp

    Another major difference between people is in the way they relate to time. Some people dwell on the past, others on the future, and others seem to live only for the present. A highl...

  2. Mind Over Minefield

    Listed in mind matters

    Complementary medicine can be a minefield. Sometimes a battlefield. Its typical freelance sole proprietor can be as fiercely competitive as any ruthless corporate giant.

Book reviews by Dr Harry Alder

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