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Dr Eva Goes has studied medicine at the Free University of Brussels. She was a founding member of the Project for Breast Cancer Screening in Brussels, created in the framework of "Europe against Cancer", and was actively involved in the setting up of a national breast cancer screening program in Belgium. She has also worked as a Consultant Radiologist for the NHS Breast Screening Program in the UK. She is now concentrating on writing about healthy living, fitness and prevention. Dr Goes may be contacted via ejmgoes@gmail.com

Articles by Dr Eva Goes

  1. Keep Moving, Live Longer and Stay Healthy

    Listed in exercise and fitness

    Dr Goes writes that after a whole day in front of a PC, many of us rush to the gym or go for a run, believing that a bout of vigorous exercise will compensate for a sedentary lifest...

  2. A Sudden Death or a Long Life?

    Listed in exercise and fitness

    You are training hard to run marathons, and you are even dreaming of ultras. But some people (mostly non-runners) keep warning you that you could be doing too much... Of course you...

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