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Dr Diana Samways MBBS qualified in Medicine from the Royal Free Hospital and worked in General Practice. She is an expert on Environmental Medicine and now runs a holistic medical practice in Haslemere Surrey with a particular interest in IBS, Candida, allergies, including moulds and much else. She advises about remedies for mouldy houses. Diana sees people with ES. Her consultations are educational and designed to give the person concerned the tools to make their own healing journey. She can visit and do an electrical survey for microwave pollution in houses etc. in Haslemere and the surrounding area. Dr Samways is an entertaining public speaker on holistic health topics. Her popular book: I’m a Patient… Get me out of Here… (the paper-back equivalent of rescue remedy...) is available through Tel: 01428 643021; www.allergydoctor.org.uk and Dr Samways may be contacted via dsamwaysmd@aol.com

Articles by Dr Diana Samways

  1. Allergies and the Mid-Life Crisis

    Listed in allergies

    Many of the chronic health problems occurring in mid-life are caused by a combination of food or inhalant allergies, intestinal candida overgrowth and depression of the immune syste...

  2. Environmental and Nutritional Approach to Candida and Irritable Bowel Syndrome

    Listed in colon health

    Bowel conditions, stigmatized as wind and bloating, are, the author claims, often misdiagnosed and wrongly labelled IBS or diverticulitis, when what usually is the matter is a gut C...

  3. Electrical Sensitivity: Mobile Phones, Microwaves, 'Electro-smog' and what to Avoid

    Listed in environmental

    Until fairly recently we limited ourselves to mains electricity and its generating and distributional network, the National Grid. Now we have a multiplicity of wireless microwave e...

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