About Doris Grant

Doris Grant has been an advocate of healthy eating as a path to good health for more than sixty five years. In 1931 she fell ill with a severe rheumatic condition that failed to respond to conventional treatment but improved dramatically when she began to follow Dr Hay’s system. She is the co-author of the phenomenally successful Food Combining for Health and many other books.

Articles by Doris Grant

  1. Allergies and the Missing Link

    Listed in allergies

    The origin of disease involves agent, host, and environment. Yet the all-important host – the primary cause – is still unknown to our health professionals or largely o...

  2. The Bogey of Genetic Determination

    Listed in dna gene expression

    Today, since the advent of spectacular genetics in modern medicine, very many diseases are being blamed on heredity. As a result, there is now a dangerous and widely held belief tha...

Book reviews by Doris Grant

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