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Derek Gale is the director of the Gale Centre for Creative Therapy where he does individual work in Humanistic Psychology and Voice work as well as Voice and Body Workshops and Psychodrama residentials. He promotes TA KE TI NA in Britain and is the author or What is Psychotherapy and What is Psychodrama as well as numerous articles and chapters on psychotherapy. He can be reached on telephone: 020-8508 9344.

Articles by Derek Gale

  1. TA KE TI NA

    Listed in movement

    The workshop provides a supportive and non criticizing space in which you can work on all those negative messages you give yourself about not being able to do things. Learning to co...

  2. Osteopathy and Voice: A Symbiosis

    Listed in osteopathy

    Osteopathic treatment is a method of working with and changing patterns in the body which have both a physical and a psychological origin. Voice work completes the framework within ...

Book reviews by Derek Gale

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