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Debra Norton trained as a nurse and midwife over twenty years ago. She now teaches an holistic approach to birth care to expectant parents and midwives, and ancient women’s menstrual wisdom to help women reclaim a healthy menstrual cycle: ultimate empowerment for birth. She is a founder member of Birth Matters, the holistic birth association in Bristol which honours the mother, father and baby as a family unit and all their feelings – physical, emotional and spiritual as valid and worthy of respect and recognition. Debra’s holistic birth education training programme, which starts in Bristol in June this year is aimed at giving prospective birth teachers and midwives the space to explore their own childhood patterning, experiences and attitudes to birth, sexuality and boundaries in order to teach birth preparation in a truly holistic way. She can be contacted on Tel: 01305 266156.

Articles by Debra Norton

  1. Holistic Pregnancy and Birth

    Listed in women's health

    Good holistic birth care begins long before pregnancy manifests! Pre-conceptual care is essential to prepare body, mind and spirit for pregnancy.

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