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David Parker DIP ION, DIP EAV has worked for 12 years as a clinical nutritionist and naturopathic practitioner. Taking an eclectic approach to health and healing, he combines clinically-proven scientific methods of assessment and treatment with the healing power of nature. Working from clinics in Twickenham, Jersey and Portugal, David also offers regular blood analysis training to practitioners of the healing arts who wish to add this modality to their existing practice. He may be reached on Tel: 0870 4321 283; david@stepstoperfecthealth.co.uk ; www.stepstoperfecthealth.co.uk

Articles by David Parker

  1. Clinical Experiences of Live and Dry Layered Blood Analysis

    Listed in naturopathy

    This article focuses on the importance of pure blood in our body and looks into live and dry layered blood evaluation methods, procedures of these two types of analysis and includes...

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