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Christophe Champs is an expert in Biomechanics, and the Founder of PODO Clinic and Workshop. Christophe works with clients to help address postural and biomechanical issues that are causing pain or putting a client at risk of injury. By testing both the moving gait and the still posture Christophe can correct misalignment and asymmetry through creating custom-made orthotics to suit the exact needs of each individual client. He may be contacted via     contact@podo.london   https://www.podo.london/   

Articles by Christophe Champs

  1. Why our Body is Often Under More Stress after the Birth than during Pregnancy

    Listed in bodywork

    It goes without saying that we pay attention to the health of a mother while she is pregnant, but it is also important to consider the time after childbirth. Postpartum, the body is...

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