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Chris Stormer-Fryer SRN SCM HV DipR, a 'Universal Soul Whisperer', is a world authority and author of seven books on natural health and healing. She combines 10 years of medical experience in the UK and USA to create a more wholistic and visionary approach to mind, body and soul. For over 22 years Chris has been a sought after lecturer and speaker in the field of complementary medicine at Congresses, seminars and workshops worldwide. Chris is also passionate about swimming with wild dolphins and facilitates wholistic journeys to Mozambique, as well as Soul Safaris through Southern Africa. She, with her husband, John, are setting up a sustainable health retreat, two hours north of Johannesburg, to complement their 'Good Vibrations Health Sanctuary' in the city. Three of her books are presently available - Get Started in Reflexology; the Language of the Feet and the Flash edition of Reflexology, all published by Hodder and Stoughton, London. She may be contacted via inspired@worldonline.co.za www.alwaysb.com

Articles by Chris Stormer-Fryer

  1. The Emotional and Spiritual Aspects of Dis-Ease and Health

    Listed in healing

    The author explains that dis-ease is the consequence of negative emotions and harmful beliefs, which originate in our agreement, at soul level, to take on ‘a host of unresolved fami...

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