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The Emotional and Spiritual Aspects of Dis-Ease and Health

by Chris Stormer-Fryer(more info)

listed in healing, originally published in issue 184 - July 2011

Have you ever wondered why there is still so much dis-ease, despite superior medical and surgical skills, an increasing awareness of health and much improved living conditions? It's tempting to point a finger at that frequently blamed 6 letter word 'Stress' or at the ever alarming 8 letter word 'Pressure'.


My red and black outfit was unwittingly the catalyst in evoking deep e-motions in two unhappy souls!
My red and black outfit was unwittingly the catalyst in evoking
deep e-motions in two unhappy souls!

Actually anything and everything seems to get the blame, in one way or another, be it other people (especially family), water, food, pollution, weather conditions and so much more. Yet, if this were the situation, why is it that not everybody reacts adversely to, for example, grass, certain foods, or the weather?  

By blaming the outside world, we hand away our power, placing the ideal remedy way out of reach. This prolongs the agony and can lure us into the unenviable role of victim, ensuring a certain place in the 'poor me' brigade.

Although it is common to hold aspects of the external world responsible for any form of discomfort and uneasiness, deep down, most of us feel there's a niggling awareness that there has to be more to it than that. And there is! The external world simply highlights and makes us aware of any discontent and unhappiness within us

So what makes us sick then? Ironically it all boils down to terrifying memories and detrimental beliefs! Terrifying memories are a pain because of the intense e-motions and hurt they evoke and detrimental beliefs because of their negative impact.

Where does the intensity of the e-motion and hurt come from? Our ancestors! Before we start 'pointing fingers', it helps to be aware that we agreed, at soul level, to take on a host of unresolved family issues that they were either unwilling, unable, or didn't know how to resolve! These match our own 'stuff' to a 'T' and our trustworthy body uses its 'tissues' to mirror 't-he issues' .

Although we may not like the uncomfortable feelings and painful e-motions that come from unsettled 'family' matters', they are a 'familiar' part of us. So, deep down, we do know how to sort them out. As we do so, we assist our ancestors in absolving themselves of their past, whilst getting a better feel for our own authentic spirit.

Yes, e-motions are strange! One minute we feel 'on top of the world' and then, within seconds, as 'flat as a pancake'! Even though they're an integral part of our everyday life, they remain elusive, seemingly without rhyme or reason. We cry when sad, but also when happy. Our smiles can be gestures of pleasure, or grimaces of despair. Even during sleep, emotions are present, jerking the body awake through helpless sobbing or hilarious laughter. Yet emotions are the only way to get in touch with our spirit.

True, they can make it a tad awkward when feeling highly emotional in public, or when witnessing extreme emotions in others. Not a day passes without emotions being involved to some extent or other.

Happy Memories

Happy memories are calming and relaxing, making us and our cells receptive and productive,

whereas fright-full memories get our shackles up, causing our cells to withdraw and become defensive, so much so that it's virtually impossible to draw anything 'good' from the situation at hand.  

Unhappy Memories

Excessive overwhelming e-motions invariably interfere with the functioning of mind and body.

So where do these e-motions come from? They come from our memories and beliefs. It's our most detestable memories and most detrimental beliefs that evoke the most intense e-motions and it is these that have the propensity to make us sick. Even Shakespeare was aware of that when, many centuries ago, he stated that "Nothing is good or bad, only thinking maketh it so!"' Thoughts are so powerful that just the 'mere thought' of something can 'turn our stomachs'!

How so? Our senses make us constantly aware of our surroundings so that we know how to act and react. Our senses are the most touchy part of our body, with our eyes being the most e-motive of all. Everything we see is based on a memory, with the most terrifying scenes holding back our sights. Everything we smell stirs up memories of what happened or didn't happen when a similar odour tantalized our olfactory nerves. Everything we taste is linked to a memory, with certain exchanges leaving 'a bad taste in the mouth'.

Likes and dislikes of colour come from the e-motion of a memory. I abandoned my usual Bohemian style for a more conventional one and was wearing an extremely smart red and black outfit for a golf tournament dinner. Whilst enjoying the sumptuous feast, 'out of the blue' the lady next to me announced, that she disliked 'red'! To cut a very long story short, she'd 'seen red' during her divorce and had become extremely ill - so it wasn't the 'red' she hated, but the circumstances. I'd just returned to eating when the woman on my other side announced that she hated 'black'! At the age of 3, she tripped and the candle she was carrying burnt a large 'black' hole in the carpet - not only was her 'nose rubbed in it', but it was never fixed. Her dislike of 'black' came from dark family secrets being swept under the carpet and never being dealt with. My red and black outfit was unwittingly the catalyst in evoking deep e-motions in two unhappy souls!

From our experiences and those of our ancestors, come our beliefs. We inherit the former, generally without questioning, and invent the others for ourselves. So in our minds, a 'bad' experience means that all similar experiences are 'bad', but actually the only thing that makes it 'bad' is our thinking! To make life a little exciting, we also 'buy into' and 'take on' a multitude of beliefs. Some serve us well, others are detrimental to our well being.

Harmful beliefs tend to get in the way of progress and have the potential to make us sick. This happens when the energy of our belief infiltrates anything and everything, either passively or actively, that comes our way, depending on how emphatic we are. Something perceivably 'bad' becomes a vehicle for 'bad' energy, but it can just as easily take on 'good' energy, should we wish to see it that way. The person or object doesn't change, just the energy.

Many things, including certain individuals, are labelled 'toxic' - but the most 'toxic' things on this planet are malevolent, revolting and horrid thoughts that alter the energy inside and outside our body. Along with these come noxious emotions that fill the air every time the person breathes, which constantly contaminate and pollute the atmosphere.
'Belief labels' are constantly applied to food and drink. Once a food or drink is labelled 'bad', the body becomes antagonistic and the substance has no choice but to take on the 'bad' energy as it passes through the hostile vessel that has already made up its mind to 'expect the worse', so it reacts 'badly'. A 'good' label, needless to say, has a far more positive effect.

Then there are 'allergies' - the 'dreaded lurgies' that come from being too tolerant or completely intolerant of a memory or belief. The good news is that, by going back to the time that the allergy started, it is possible to work out what was going on at the time that 'got under the skin', or 'took the breath away', and so on.

The familiar 'Don't go there!' comes from the sensitivity of having our 'fingers burnt' the first time. but we then end up limiting and restricting ourselves because of something in the past that is no longer relevant. It's enough to make any body sick, especially when self-imposed limitations end up 'cramping' our style or holding us back for fear of what could lie ahead. Another aspect of this is 'pins and needles' from feeling 'pinned down' and being 'poked at'!

Yes, detrimental beliefs have a nasty habit of getting in the way! As though this is not enough, the 'e-go' often complicates matters by distracting  the 'energies' from where they should 'go', especially when the e-go hangs onto mistruths or harmful beliefs, that cause the pain of the past to come to the fore. Not wanting to 'go' there only makes matters worse.

After all, the body, being 'matter' is filled with all that 'matters', which ultimately determines its state of health. The body doesn't have feelings - its sensitivity and consciousness come from the energy of the soul passing through it. The uneasiness of many souls comes from them being so sick and tired of not being able to show their true spirit, which is the greatest cause of sickness on this planet.

Whenever the soul's needs are ignored, the body becomes increasingly emotional. Pushing these feelings to one side really doesn't help, since they will continue to plague the body until they receive the attention required. Should they grow out of proportion, then growths are more likely to appear - the malignancy of which depends on how threatening the unresolved emotions are to personal well-being.

The good news is that no disease is 'incurable'- it is only seen to be incurable when there is absolutely nothing left in the physical world to heal the situation. The cure lies within; hence the word 'in-cur(e)-able'.

What goes on in the outer world reveals what's going on inside us. The body uses different symptoms to create an awareness of profound discontent, extreme unhappiness and unacceptable uneasiness so that we have an idea of what to do. Ill-ness and dis-ease aren't an inconvenience - they're the ideal opportunity to deal with the e-motions that come from a memory or belief, so that we can get better at being ourselves.

Our bodies have a very clear and concise way of communicating with us. They constantly let us know what is upsetting us, with the outside world and other people being the ideal mirrors. By being aware of terrifying memories and life-threatening beliefs, we have the opportunity to change our mind and take beneficial steps towards improving our situation.

Fortunately, almost everybody experiences intensely emotional situations. They shake up our entire thought processes so that greater wisdom can replace these soul-destroying memories and worn-out beliefs. Doing something worthwhile helps us to reconnect with our soul and liberates our true spirit. Our 'e-motions' inspire and motivate our spirit. The moment we take full responsibility for our lives and all that happens to us, is the moment we empower ourselves to do something meaningful and beneficial, not just for ourselves, but for others too.


  1. Anthony Smith said..

    Chris just has the knack of making it make sense. I remember a seminar I attended back in about 2000, "Getting Better All The Time" and there was a bit of this in it, but this article really has opened it up more.
    Thanks Chris for sharing your insight as always.

  2. angelika scheibein said..

    Hi chris great to hear from you again . I love it of course :) it seems to be the theme for me at the moment. I do exciting work with the "Journey".but alowing yourself to go deep inside oneself is a challenging thing. would love to come or organise a seminar for you again love angelika

  3. Chris Stormer said..

    Hi there Sarah. Since each generation processes the issues of previous generations, ask your friend whether there was anybody in the family who had difficulty in 'swallowing' their emotional situation, to the extent that they became exceptionally nervous and had difficulty in moving ahead? I do hope this is of assistance.Many blessings to you both.

  4. Chris Stormer-Fryer said..

    Hi again Sarah. I meant to add that, once your friend resonates to the emotional side of his current discomfort, ask him, what, in his mind, would make the situation more palatable and whether there is anything that could be done to make him feel better about the whole scenario?

  5. Rowena Zabrodsky said..

    Hi Chris, This was a really great article! I am Izzy's sister and she forwarded the link to me. Everything that you say absolutely backs up all that I have been learning through studying Yoga and Ayurveda. When will our western society get to understand that the "whole" person needs to be treated and that optimum health: physical, emotional and spiritual requires a radical re-evaluation of the way we all live our lives.

  6. Berthy Verhage said..

    Thank you Chris for sharing your thoughts and ideas. If we all try to follow your insights, maybe we could accept our problems better. I do a lot of Tai Chi and Chi Kung. It makes me look at myself from the inside out. A great therapy for body and soul. Hope to go to another workshop with you, soon. Berthy

  7. Chris Stormer-Fryer said..

    I SO appreciate you all and thank YOU for making this a better world in which to live! YEAH! I've just returned from giving presentations in Japan -it was a truly AMAZING and extremely worthwhile experience! Many blessings and love to each and every one of you!

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