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Chris KH Teo is a practising Herbalist. Together with his wife, Beng Im, Chris founded CA Care in 1995 (www.cacare.com) to help cancer patients. As of this date, they have helped thousands of people who have cancer. Chris and Beng Im have written 12 books (www.BookOnCancer.com) on various aspects of cancer management. In recognition of their work, Chris was awarded a DSc in Alternative Medicine and an honorary degree in Natural Medicine. Chris was a Professor of Botany at University of Science in Malaysia where he taught and researched for twenty-six years prior to his retirement. He may be contacted via Tel: 604-6595881; Fax: 604-6580422; chriskhteo@gmail.com

Articles by Chris KH Teo

  1. Breast Cancer: There Must Be Another Way!

    Listed in cancer

    This article presents an interview with a young woman whose breast cancer has been in remission for twelve years. The context is research the author has been doing with individuals ...

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