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Catherine Rogers is the author of Gut Well Soon and founder of the Reset Your Gut Health programme for individuals and healthcare professionals with the help of nutritionist, dieticians, doctors, recipe writers and scientists.  The 4-week and beyond course includes recipe plans for any food preferences (from FODMAP, vegan, and gluten free to meat eating and pescatarian), shopping lists and top tips on how to improve your lifestyle, all enabling readers to get their gut back on track. https://www.ryghealth.com/. Gut Well Soon is available from RygHealth  Amazon.co.uk and Amazon.com

Articles by Catherine Rogers

  1. Gut Health, the Immune System and Mental Health

    Listed in colon health

    The Microbiome - What it is and Why it is Important. The human microbiome is the microorganisms that live on our skin, inside our gut and other body cavities like our nostrils. Fo...

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