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Carole Easton is a Guide, Reiki Master, holds a Diploma in Counselling and combines this with Rebirthing/Conscious Connected Breathing. She is also Co-founder of the Lynden Hill Clinic in Berkshire, with Geraldine McHugh. She may be contacted on Tel: 0118 940 1234; caroleeaston@lynden-hillclinic.co.uk   www.lynden-hill-clinic.co.uk

Articles by Carole Easton

  1. Reiki Belongs in Hospitals

    Listed in reiki

    One of the wonderful things with Reiki is that whilst you are giving it, you are also receiving it yourself, which means that in emergency situations, it is enabling you to stay cal...

  2. DNA Activation – Etheric Surgery Using an Activated Crystal Wand

    Listed in healing

    The author has had the good fortune to study with Gudni Gudnason, head teacher of the Rocky Mountain Mystery School in North America. She describes her trainings and initiations, t...

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