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Carol Rogers BSc MNIMH is a retired member of the National Institute of Medical Herbalists; she had been a herbal practitioner since 1988. She has a life long interest in women's issues and ran a busy menopause clinic from 2001-2009 in Glasgow. She is the author of The Women's Guide to Herbal Medicine, published in 1995, now available as a free download from her website: www.womensherbalguide.com She may be contacted via carol@womensherbalguide.com

Articles by Carol Rogers

  1. Case Study: Herbal Medicine for Menopausal Issues

    Listed in women's health

    This Case Study is a detailed account of treatment of a patient for menopausal symptoms over a period of several months. It concludes with a statement from the patient that after tw...

  2. The Use of Herbs For Pre-Conceptual Care in Older Mothers - A Case Study

    Listed in women's health

    This case study concerns a woman who had had two normal births, followed by a miscarriage at twelve weeks. Generally healthy and fit, one complication of her treatment was having b...

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