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Carol Robertson MCSP is an Acmos Bio-energetics practitioner and teacher living in Inverness, Scotland. Carol qualified as a Chartered Physiotherapist from the Grampian School of Physiotherapy in 1985 and worked as a physiotherapist in the UK and Australia. After a prolonged period of ill-health Carol became interested in the wider aspects of health and well-being. In 2006 she qualified as an Acmos Practitioner after training with Keith Parker in the Dordogne. That same year she attended her first International Acmos Practitioner seminar in Paris and met Rene Naccachian, founder of the method, for the first time. Over the next 5 years she attended many seminars led by Dr Naccachian.

In 2011 Carol started teaching the Acmos Method in Paris and in Inverness. She has been lead teacher with Dr Naccachian on the international certification courses (levels 1-4) since 2012 working with students from around the world. Carol continues to work as a physiotherapist and served on the committee of ACPEM - the Association of Chartered Physiotherapists in Energy Medicine www.energymedphysio.com  – between 2007 and 2015. She may be contacted via Tel: 01463 794582;   info@carolrobertson.co.uk      www.carolrobertson.co.uk/index.asp

Articles by Carol Robertson

  1. The Acmos Method - An Engineering Approach to Health and Well-being

    Listed in energy medicine

    When we think of the human body we tend to think in terms of structures, fluids and chemicals. These fluids within structural spaces - organs, vessels etc. can be likened to the che...

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