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The Acmos Method - An Engineering Approach to Health and Well-being

by Carol Robertson(more info)

listed in energy medicine, originally published in issue 222 - May 2015


When we think of the human body we tend to think in terms of structures, fluids and chemicals. These fluids within structural spaces - organs, vessels etc. can be likened to the chemical components of a car battery – without the spark of electrical ignition the battery just stores charge, something with the potential for action but awaiting the instruction.

We are not just organic flesh and blood; we are electrical beings capable of great potential when the instructions of our unique vibrating signature - our blueprint - are relayed clearly to each and every one of the cells making up our physical body. Each cell has a positive and a negative pole; depolarization or change in electrical charge across the cell membrane facilitates the movement of proteins and chemicals across that membrane. The external environment of the cell ultimately affects the behaviour of our cells and the expression of our DNA.

brain with signals

Our nervous system sends electrical signals along our nerves creating an effect dependent upon the electrical and chemical changes at the target site e.g. a muscle contraction or a change in our blood pressure. What starts that cascade of electrical and chemical events? A thought leading to an action? An external stimulus - favourable or otherwise - provoking a primal reaction from deep with our reflex or reptilian brain. Danger? Warmth? Food? Procreation and self-preservation - are these are the drivers of our actions?

The brain is very much a reactive organ - it responds to the electrical and chemical signals it receives from the body and the environment - a multi-way information loop. An example of the responsive nervous system in action:  if hormone A in the circulation is low the hypothalamus-pituitary interaction causes the release of hormone B to send a message, in this case a chemical, to increase the production of hormone A. What the brain may fail to recognize is that an auto-antibody has blocked the receptor site on the gland responsible for producing hormone A and is in fact the origin of the hormonal imbalance - an immune system problem, not a hormonal problem. So our chemical/ electrical signalling system can get it wrong and result in symptoms without necessarily revealing the cause. Why did the immune system develop those antibodies in the first place? What caused our body to perceive that another part of our own flesh and blood was a threat and required an active anti-body protective response? Is there also an interactive vibrational signalling system? So many questions!

How great would it be if we could access information from the body - to be able to ask the right questions to allow the body’s signals to correct themselves? The Acmos Method is a system for investigating the circumstances leading to the symptom by communicating with the energetic intelligence of the body and allowing it to reveal and correct its problems through resonance techniques. It is not magic; it is uniquely the application of physics to a biological system - the body.

In the 1960s, French instrumentation engineer René Naccachian became interested in oriental medicine after his ‘incurable’ knee problem was resolved by a master of Chinese Medicine. He went on to study the energetic approaches to medicine of the East - Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and Ayurvedic Medicine to PhD standard. He also received a PhD in Molecular biology.

He was keen to understand why:

  • It was impossible to find a solution to his knee pain in France but entirely possible in China;
  • Generally there was more illness in the Western nations despite allegedly superior medical facilities compared with the much more populated eastern nations.

Lecher Antenna
Acmos Lecher Antenna

The Acmos Method has grown out of years of research* which began by refining the Lecher antenna - developed by Ernst Lecher in 1888 - into a smaller instrument capable of measuring signals emanating from the human body, animals, plants and minerals. Short Lecher lines or antennae have been used in high quality factor electronic resonating circuits in a number of ways over the past century. The tuning of these circuits is achieved by varying the length of the Lecher lines using a sliding shunt allowing the device to tune into various signals including TV and radio signals depending upon its length.

Mymop bar chrt

René Naccachian saw great opportunities in applying these principles of resonance and tuning to the body. He has used his method of ‘measuring’ - receiving and interpreting the signals emitted by the human body at various resonant frequencies -  to allow communication and then tuning of fragile signals for the past 50 years. During that time he has assessed the qualities of essential oils, plants, minerals and homeopathic remedies using his instruments. To this day he is obsessed with the resonant quality of those products we come into contact with. Over decades he searched for high quality remedies – remedies which did not lose their quality of resonance over time.

Those remedies - or ‘harmonies’ as they are referred to in the Method - which he found to consistently improve the resonance of the body were incorporated into his test kit - the Acmos Valise which has come to be recognized as the fuse box of human resonances by practitioners of the Acmos Method. The basis of the valise - the use of plant and mineral signals to tune the body - was born out of Rene’s studies of Ayurvedic medicine. Over the years, analysis - before and after any interaction - using the bio-energetic approach, was conducted using Dr Naccachian’s Lecher antenna and biofeedback tester**. This tester was invented using aeronautical instrumentation engineering skills to test the electrical potential between two points on the body - showing the percentage of the tiny electrical current emitted by the unit reaching its destination. The percentage varies according to the resistance within each circuit which in this case are the meridians of TCM.

By applying the principles of circuits and resonance to the body Dr Naccachian has developed a sophisticated system of testing and harmonizing or tuning the weak signals of the body to improve resonant health. This system relies on the body tuning in with the signals it requires in order to select any remedy by resonance alone. The remedy can then be tuned with the body in the same way that a TV set responds when you use the remote control to change the channel. By connecting the antenna to the point on the body requiring tuning then holding the antenna over the remedy the resonance of the two signals produces a standing wave and the antenna moves as the body responds to the signal of the remedy. This process, called ‘Acmodynamization’, uses the principles of constructive and destructive interference of wave signals to strengthen or clear the electrical circuits of the body.

Demo video

The Acmos Method is beautiful in its simplicity, humility and ease of learning. It opens our hearts and minds to the information before our eyes but imperceptible to our everyday senses. The Acmos philosophy which underpins our understanding of this information is very simple - to achieve harmony; the inward or in-taking forces of the body (stocking and storing) must balance the exteriorizing or out-going forces (nourishing then eliminating) for radiant health. How we apply this knowledge is another story - if your interest has been piqued have a look at The Art of Medicine - the Principles of Energy in Medical Sciences by Thomas Szulc MD, Medical Practitioner and Acmos Method Teacher based in New York.


Rene Naccachian
Rene Naccachian PhD

In 2010 Rene Naccachian PhD was presented with a gold medal by the French Society for Progress for his contribution to health and well-being. He is the only non-medical doctor to achieve this accolade. Dr Naccachian is still teaching in Paris and the next seminar for new students of the Method begins on 19th March 2015 where Rene’s niece Widad and I will attempt to hand on the Acmos Method - principles and practise, under the guidance of the maestro himself. Join us if you can - for more info see

Mymop Graph

*Most research has been carried out using the Acmos instruments on a case by case basis. There are thousands of pieces of anecdotal evidence of improvement in symptoms reported by those receiving energy balancing using Acmos techniques. More recent evidence has been collated by the author using MYMOP2 outcome measures (Measure mY Medical Outcome Profile 2) a recognized and standardized tool for collating information about symptoms before and after medical and complementary health interventions. Initial findings across 40 symptoms indicated a 58% improvement in personal experience of symptoms in a group of individuals with mainly longstanding symptoms (1-5 years or greater than 5 years) retested 1-4 months after an initial Acmos energy balance. This study is ongoing.

Mymop bar chart

The author has also completed a single randomized double blind controlled case study, before a group of health professionals, with more change shown in the subject receiving the energy balance compared with the controls. Due to the small nature of the study more studies would improve the quality and reliability of this information.

**The tester was assessed against pulse diagnosis at the School of Medical Acupuncture in the 1970s allowing Dr Naccachian to advertise to their students and in their brochures; however the results have not been published by a peer reviewed journal.  The biofeedback tester is extremely sensitive and results can be influenced by external signals e.g. lights being switched on or off, so these extraneous signals were minimised as much as possible during testing. We do not live in faradic chambers and our electrical body is constantly immersed in a sea of signals therefore the results are only as accurate as it is possible to achieve in real life situations. 


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About Carol Robertson

Carol Robertson MCSP is an Acmos Bio-energetics practitioner and teacher living in Inverness, Scotland. Carol qualified as a Chartered Physiotherapist from the Grampian School of Physiotherapy in 1985 and worked as a physiotherapist in the UK and Australia. After a prolonged period of ill-health Carol became interested in the wider aspects of health and well-being. In 2006 she qualified as an Acmos Practitioner after training with Keith Parker in the Dordogne. That same year she attended her first International Acmos Practitioner seminar in Paris and met Rene Naccachian, founder of the method, for the first time. Over the next 5 years she attended many seminars led by Dr Naccachian.

In 2011 Carol started teaching the Acmos Method in Paris and in Inverness. She has been lead teacher with Dr Naccachian on the international certification courses (levels 1-4) since 2012 working with students from around the world. Carol continues to work as a physiotherapist and served on the committee of ACPEM - the Association of Chartered Physiotherapists in Energy Medicine  – between 2007 and 2015. She may be contacted via Tel: 01463 794582;


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