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Brian Davis runs the Creative Dream Company designed to help people make their creative dreams come true – however, extraordinary! He does one-2-one sessions with individuals, and work with groups. He has been fascinated by personal development since the 1970s, when gestalt-led (encounter) workshops first started to come onto the scene. After going through a divorce in the early 1990s, he became involved with many of the participants in Alternatives, and a wide variety of approaches including Tony Robbins, healing, NLP, tantra, co-counselling, Psychology of Vision, and other alternative therapeutic/development approaches. He is also working on a book about creativity at present. Brian Davis can be contacted on Tel: 020-7359 7799; brian@creativedream.co.uk www.creativedream.co.uk

Articles by Brian Davis

  1. Release Your Creativity

    Listed in personal growth

    Living your creative dream need not be wishful thinking. It is simply a matter of following a few simple steps that will open the doors of possibility wider than you could ever imag...

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