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Bill Ancell is the Managing Director of Medical Agency Services (MAS) Ltd. In recent years he has concentrated on designing marketing strategies for healthcare products to both the medical sector and consumers. In 1993, Bill was introduced to visco-elastic materials and became fascinated by the implications of sleep surfaces and the lack of credible medical evidence on mattresses and beds in general. In 1994 MAS started work with osteopaths, physiotherapists, and chiropractors, in order to gain more knowledge about mechanical pain and the effect of mattresses on treatment provided. MAS currently deals with over 4000 clinics throughout the UK.

Articles by Bill Ancell

  1. How Sleep Surfaces Affect Our Backs

    Listed in sleep and insomnia

    There are approximately three million beds and mattresses sold in the UK and almost a third of them are purchased in order to provide relief from back pain. However, many of these p...

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