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Aude Le Barazer DEA had been a corporate lawyer for ten years. She took a sabbatical year with her husband in 2004 in the Patagonian part of Argentinean Cordillera with four horses and in complete autonomy.  Despite the wind, the coldness of air and water and sometimes very harsh conditions, they were never sick, depressed or under overwhelming stress, and realized how perfect the human body was if given the chance to function in appropriate conditions and according to simple rules and basic needs.
After this trip, Audrey started to look for a more natural way of living, and trained in Nutrition, Oriental Medicine and Meridians, Aromatherapy, Energy Medicine, (in particular scenar medicine).
After having her Atlas realigned, she realized that nothing she had experienced before had given her the benefits and results that this one time treatment has. She trained as an Atlas practitioner according to the Atlasprofilax method, practised in Canada, France, and now London. She is also trained as a NAET practitioner, Advanced seminar level 1, and as a Psych-k facilitator (basic seminar) and is currently undergoing Health Kinesiology training. Audrey may be contacted via Mob: 0750 512 0121;  audelb@gmail.com;  

Articles by Aude Le Barazer

  1. Case Study: Atlas Re-Alignment: Possible Simple Approach for Scoliosis and Migraines

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    This article presents a detailed case study of a woman with scoliosis who also suffers migraines, and how she benefited from the simple approach of Atlas Re-Alignment. It also expla...

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