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Andrew Wormald is Senior Brand Manager at Compeed, part of the HRA Pharma Group. He has over 10 years' experience in the Pharmaceutical industry, working for a number of national and global brands. For the last 2 and half years Andrew has worked across HRA Pharma's brands, offering insight and expertise into their key products and services. He may be contacted via https://www.compeed.co.uk/ 

Articles by Andrew Wormald

  1. Seasonal Depression: How to Protect your Well-Being over the Winter Months

    Listed in depression

    Mental health issues can affect people in all sorts of ways, so it’s important to look after both ourselves and each other. Throughout the winter months, approximately 2 million peo...

  2. How Running can Improve your Mental Health

    Listed in exercise and fitness

    We’re all well-aware that the aerobic exercise provided by running is a great boon for your physical health, but it’s perhaps less widely known that running has been proven to have ...

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