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Through his public teachings, books and meetings with spiritual leaders of almost every tradition, Andrew Cohen has tirelessly sought to convey his discovery that spiritual liberation's true significance is its potential to completely transform not only the individual, but the entire way that human beings, as a race, live together. In sharp contract to the cynicism which is so pervasive today, yet with full awareness of the difficult challenges that we face, he has dared to teach and to show that it is indeed possible to bring heaven to earth. This powerful message of unity, openness and love has inspired many who have heard it to join together to prove its reality with their own lives, igniting an ever-expanding international revolution of tremendous vitality and significance.

Articles by Andrew Cohen

  1. Never Move From Where You Already Are

    Listed in meditation

    The meditation instructions that I give are very simple. I ask people to relax as much as they can, to be as at ease and as free from tension as possible and at the same time I want...

Book reviews by Andrew Cohen

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