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Ana B Barros MSc in statistics and postgraduate in international health, both courses at the Nova University of Lisbon, Lisboa, Portugal. She has been teaching biostatistics related courses in Portugal and abroad and is statistical consultant in health related laboratories. Her research focuses on the role of food supplements for human consumption; and nutrition in HIV infected populations, particularly in hard-to-reach populations. The results of her researches have been reported in papers published in peer reviewed international journals and book chapters. She is currently finishing her PhD thesis in international health about hard-to-reach populations and may be contacted on anabdebarros@gmail.com; also via  Mycology Research Laboratories info@mycologyresearch.com

Articles by Ana B Barros

  1. Mushroom Biomass: Some Clinical Implications of β-Glucans and Enzymes

    Listed in immune function

    Mushrooms are widely appreciated all over the world for their nutritional value and medicinal properties. They have low fat, high protein and vitamin contents. Mushrooms contain sev...

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