About Alexandra Chalfont

Alexandra Chalfont has a background in philology (language), linguistics and intercultural communication skills training for managers and professionals. For eight years now she has worked as an Ericksonian and NLP hypnotherapist in private practice. She is managing editor of the Journal for Humanist Psychology, Self & Society, and researches in psychotherapeutic modalities and applications. She is currently Chair of ANLP PCS Ltd. She can be contacted on tel: 020-8948 6844, or email: achalfont@lineone.net

Articles by Alexandra Chalfont

  1. Neuro Linguistic Psychotherapy for Skin Conditions

    Listed in nlp

    The the neuro linguistic psychotherapist will explore with you the relationship you have with your skin and the dysfunction it may be suffering from, and how you can perhaps make ch...

Book reviews by Alexandra Chalfont

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