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  1. Images

    by Sandra Goodman PhD

    Charts from a cancer seminar given by Sandra Goodman in 2009

  2. SG - Cancer Research Websites

    by Sandra Goodman PhD

    List of cance research web sites.

  3. SG - Clinical Cancer Research Studies

    by Sandra Goodman PhD

    Clinical Cancer Research Studies, seminars

  4. SG - Land of Confusion: How Poor Science and Misleading Media Coverage

    by Sandra Goodman PhD

    Poor scientific work done by physicians and scientists - plus a lack of proper filters in journalism’s coverage of science – is contributing to misleading and contradictory dieta...

  5. SG - Molecular Cancer Research

    by Sandra Goodman PhD

    Molecular Cancer Research Seminar

  6. SG - Nutritional Cancer Research Seminar

    by Sandra Goodman PhD

    Seminar subjects for Nutritional Cancer Research Seminar in Sept 2009

  7. SG - Role of Ganoderma Supplementation in Cancer Management

    by Sandra Goodman PhD

    Role of Ganoderma Supplementation in Cancer Management

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