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  1. Organ Remedies, Complex Homeopathy and Infertility

    by Dr Neil Slade

    Regular contributor Neil Slade looks at the ongoing argument between 'classical homeopathy' (prescribing one remedy) and 'complex homeopathy' (prescribing more than one remedy). Th...

  2. Poison Ivy Strikes Again

    by Dr Angela Jones

    This article, by one of our regular feature writers, examines the case of Ann, who had been plagued by psoriasis for twenty years. Her body was marked by large, scaly patches of th...

  3. Prescribing on a Keynote

    by Dr Angela Jones

    Choosing a homeopathic medicine on the basis of a single keynote symptom is neither recommended nor reliable. However, there are instances when a keynote symptom can be an importan...

  4. Psoriasis

    by Dr Angela Jones

    One of the cruelest things about the skin condition, psoriasis, is that it can go on to cause a particularly destructive form of arthritis, known as "psoriatic arthropathy".

  5. Regenerative Homeopathy© To Whole Health Satisfaction

    by Leah Dumbrava

    By showing facts of recoveries from a variety of health concerns is the only way to bring hope to lives of millions viewers and update the experts, and crystallize the sceptic mind ...

  6. Shedding Some Light on Morgellons Disease

    by June Sayer

    At the beginning of January 2015 I was consulted by a mature extremely active lady asking me if I could help her with a skin condition. I asked her to describe her symptoms to whic...

  7. Spagyric Medicine - An Original Way of Healing with Plants

    by Elisabeth Bindschaedler

    This article focuses on Spagyric medicine, a traditional way of healing with energetic medicines derived from herbs that also work hand-in-hand with all therapies aimed at global h...

  8. Success with Recurrent Viral Infections

    by Dr Angela Jones

    One of the areas where homeopathy has a useful role is in the management of nonspecific ill health, where a person feels generally unwell and is often prone to recurrent viral infe...

  9. The Banerji Protocol - Cases and Evidence of Cancer Remission with Homeopathy

    by Prasanna Probyn

    The founding precept of Classical Homeopathy is the treatment of patients based on the ‘totality of symptoms’ and their experience of a disease. No two individuals with an identica...

  10. The Case of a 'Naughty Boy'

    by Dr Neil Slade

    In this article the author, a Homeopath, presents his case study of a highly destructive five year-old boy – whose behaviour became more extreme as he got older – i.e. shouting bac...

  11. The Case of the Concert Pianist

    by Dr Neil Slade

    In this study, Neil Slade discusses the case of a concert pianist who had an unfortunate accident in which he sliced his thumb, palm and two fingers with glass. Several tendons and...

  12. The Case of the Reluctant Alcoholic

    by Dr Neil Slade

    In this column the author gets to the root of a client's alcoholic problem – a well-groomed and stylish, 30-something banker who had risen up the corporate ladder quite rapidly, en...

  13. The Case of the Stubborn Verrucas (& Asthma & Stress Anxiety)

    by Dr Neil Slade

    In this column the author shares how his homeopathic remedies helped a client, referred from a local chiropodist, with his verrucas, asthma and anxieties.

  14. The Case of The Stuck Man

    by Dr Neil Slade

    In this column the author says homeopathy, like many of the energy medicine therapies, assumes that good health equates to a free flow of energy through the body.  Homeopaths refer...

  15. The Challenges Posed by Homeless People

    by Dr Angela Jones

    Up to 50% of homeless people suffer from major mental illness and the incidence among them of substance abuse, including alcohol and drugs, is almost 100%. Many are on the knife-...

  16. The End of the Benveniste Affair?

    by Dr Peter Fisher

    A study recently published in the journal Inflammation Research may mark the beginning of a resolution to the so-called 'Benveniste affair'.

  17. The Limbic System, Disease and Homeopathy – How Emotional Stress Affects our Health

    by Sally Ann Hutcheson

    Science has now established that it is a crucial player in neuroendocrinology.[2,3] As somebody who is interested in complementary therapies, you no doubt will understand and subscr...

  18. The Power of Constitutional Medicine

    by Dr Angela Jones

    I have treated Elizabeth for over five years now, on an intermittent basis. She first came to see me for her arthritis, which was causing her absolute misery. It affected her chief...

  19. The Proving of Homoeopathic Remedies

    by Peter Fraser

    Homeopathy is a system of medicine based on the principle that like cures like; that the remedy which will cure the patient is the one that has the same effect on people as does th...

  20. The Role of Homeopathy in Grief

    by Dr Neil Slade

    This Column begins by saying that we all will be faced with loss and grief at some time in our lives, whether suddenly, or expected. In either case, the grief can be overwhelming, ...

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