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  1. Biolumanetics and Classical Homoeopathy

    by Charles Wansbrough

    ...within two weeks, this patient's bowel movements corrected themselves, and she has been on the same remedy for over six months in a very low dosage. In the words of the patient ...

  2. Biolumanetics and Homeopathy

    by Kieran Linnane

    Homeopath Kieran Linnane relates how she and colleague Charles Wansbrough have been using Biolumanetics in their homeopathic practice for the last four years in order to make a mor...

  3. Birth Anxiety and the Overdue Baby

    by Dr Neil Slade

    This Expert Column describes the successful homeopathic treatment of a woman having a normal pregnancy but extreme anxiety due to a previous difficult birth experience.

  4. Capricious Charlie Chamomilla - Matricaria chamomilla

    by Laura Murphy

    In this article the author demonstrates the effects of Chamomile, on an angry, demanding baby named Charlie. A baby prone to middle ear infections, hypersensitive to pain, and also...

  5. Case Studies on Homeopathy - Four Cases of Eczema

    by Dr Angela Jones

    Eczema is the external or skin manifestation of allergy and, as such, can often be influenced by dietary manipulation. This approach is fraught with difficulties and frustrations a...

  6. Classical Homeopathy - the Re-Emergence of Holism within Homeopathy

    by Dr Brian Kaplan

    Brian Kaplan is a qualified medical practitioner who has been practising homeopathy for 20 years. He also lectures to doctors and co-founded the Homeopathic Physicians Teaching Gro...

  7. Classical Homeopathy in a Child with Primary Immunodeficiency

    by Jennifer Poole

    The author has been a Registered Homeopath for 15 years. She supervises homeopathic students, is doing research at Exeter University in child development and learning difficulties....

  8. Complex Homoeopathy

    by George Lewith

    Samuel Hahnemann, a German physician, began to develop the major principles of homoeopathy some 200 years ago, although there is some suggestion that the concept of "like cures lik...

  9. Depression and Homeopathy

    by June Sayer

    Depression is an extremely emotive word and one that can easily be misinterpreted for words that are synonymous with it such as sadness, gloominess, misery, hopelessness or despair....

  10. Eczema

    by Dr Angela Jones

    This month's case is a success story where conventional treatment had failed to help the patient in any long term way.

  11. Emotional Wellbeing

    by June Sayer

    Last week I was invited to talk at our local Women’s Guild on the topics of both Homeopathy and Reiki. As is the normal practice at the beginning of their meetings general informati...

  12. Extreme Bias in FTC’s Ruling on Homeopathic Medicine

    by Dana Ullman

    In an ongoing effort to undermine homeopathy, the FTC disregards hundreds of peer-reviewed studies and suggests that there is no scientific evidence for these safe, effective therap...

  13. Female Hormonal Imbalances

    by June Sayer

    During this period of enforced lockdown due to Covid19, I have been reviewing my client files and noticing how many times feminine issues are part of the presenting complaint. I am ...

  14. Harnessing the power of a grain of sand - Case studies of silica

    by Dr Angela Jones

    One of the fascinations of homeopathy is the extraordinary power that is produced in otherwise inert and everyday substances, by the potentisation process.

  15. Homeopathic Casebook: A Case of Chronic Chest Infections Complicated by Aspergillus Infection and Chronic Asthma

    by Dr Neil Slade

    This expert column demonstrates the effectiveness of homeopathic remedies on a 30 year-old female with chest infection complicated by Aspergillus infection/allergy and chronic asth...

  16. Homeopathic Casebook: A Case of Hot, Swollen Breasts!

    by Dr Neil Slade

    This article is a homeopathic case study of treatment for a case of mastitis in his client’s right breast, in the context of breast-feeding a baby whose preference was for the left...

  17. Homeopathic Help for the Menopause

    by Dr Angela Jones

    I have to admit that I was quite shocked and worried by Mary's account of her menopause when she first came to see me. Seven years previously, she had been a fit and active forty o...

  18. Homeopathic Matters: A Case of Gallstones

    by June Sayer

    The author has been given permission to share the experience of a colleague whom she is treating for gallstones. Her patient had had two emergency hospital admissions because of se...

  19. Homeopathic Matters: Treating Seasonal Allergies with the Aid of Homoeopathy

    by June Sayer

    The author became fascinated by homeopathy more than twenty years ago when she saw the dramatic improvement in her health and that of her children that was the result of homeopat...

  20. Homeopathic Relief from Facial Acne Rosacea

    by Alexandra Ayton

    The author describes her quest for a solution to the sudden onset of acne rosacea in her thirties, which involved rough, angry, itchy red patches and weeping skin on her chin, jaw ...

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