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  1. Mineral Deficiency and Viral Mutation: Nutritional, Agricultural and Geographic Influences

    by David E Marsh

    This article hypothesizes whether many of the devastating influenzas such as avian flu and Beijing flu which originate from China, may lie with mineral levels in the soil.

  2. Mineral Oil Petroleum Derivative in Beauty Products

    by Kit Anderson

    This article outlines the dangers of the mineral oils found so ubiquitously in the majority of cosmetic products. Mineral oils (produced from petroleum) are contained in many cosme...

  3. Mobile Phones - Proceed with Precaution

    by Simon Best

    The author is the editor of Electromagnetic Hazard & Therapy News Report. In this article he updates the situation regarding possible hazards from mobile phone use.

  4. Morgellon: The 'M' Word You've Never Heard of and Lesions that Persist

    by Tammy Racicot

    Morgellon. Never heard of it! Until I was forced to find my own cause, prevention and possible control of the terrible lesions and more that were affecting my body since 2007. They ...

  5. Neem Toothpaste - The Healthy Solution for Teeth and Gums

    by Klaus Ferlow

    Modern toothpaste is a heavy mix of chemicals and synthetics to clean, polish and maintain healthy teeth and gums. But are those ingredients safe, or even necessary?

  6. Nitrates and Greens

    by Lisa Saffron

    Nitrate levels are often so high in British lettuce and spinach that our government recently negotiated a relaxation of the EC limits. The EC set limits in order to protect public ...

  7. Oestrogen, Progesterone, Synthetics, etc. Explained

    by Klaus Ferlow

    Hormones that are made from plants are called Phytohormones. Phytoestrogens refer to plant compounds with oestrogen like activity. Phytoprogesterones are plants with progesterone-...

  8. Oestrogens and Phytoestrogens

    by Valerie Marriott

    Valerie Marriott explains the differences between natural and synthetic pesticides in plants, and the reasons for increased use of synthetic pesticides, which are often toxic, ev...

  9. Organophosphate Poisoning

    by Helen Fullerton

    Six cases of organophosphate (OP) poisoning have come my way since August. During the very hot spell many people were spraying their pets and furniture against fleas. Most of them ...

  10. Our Toxic Environment and How We Can Protect Ourselves

    by Joanne Baker

    Joanne Baker writes first about the balance between man and the natural world - how ancient medicine and even western practice until the Industrial Revolution equated our health wi...

  11. Paint and let live

    by Mike Eatough

    We are still being poisoned by lead paint. Children's intellectual development is being impaired by lead poisoning from paint. The increase in the incidence of tuberculosis has in ...

  12. Pesticides - an holistic view

    by Lisa Saffron

    "Eating an organic apple every day is 100,000 times more likely to give you cancer than eating food contaminated with residues of the pesticide lindane". This statement is meaningl...

  13. Pesticides and Breast Cancer

    by Lisa Saffron

    Past and current use of organochlorine pesticides has led to the pollution of the entire globe, with detectable levels in the body fat of nearly everyone in the world. Could pestic...

  14. Pesticides and Chemicals Update

    by Georgina Downs

    Following on from her article on the Health Risk of Pesticides in Issue 127, the author (winner of the prestigious Andrew Lees Memorial Award at the 2006 Environment and Media Awar...

  15. Safe as Houses?

    by David Cowan & Rodney Girdlestone

    The history of Geopathic Stress is a long one. The unhealthy spirals which dowsers detect above subterranean water have probably always been with us and the energy leys are believe...

  16. Sleeping in a Radiation-Free Bedroom after Shielding

    by Leonard Stafford

    Whilst working as an NHS GP principal in a group practice between 1991-1994, Dr Daya felt a distinct need to include the field of holistic medicine in her practice to provide her pa...

  17. Smart Technology: Is It As Smart As We Think?

    by Amanda Kenton

    Is it possible that something we cannot see could have a serious effect on our health? Clearly, judging by the devastating consequences caused by the Coronavirus (COVID-19), the ans...

  18. Soil Minerals and Immune System Dysfunction

    by David E Marsh

    Following a discussion of the origin of minerals, the article points out that organic farming focuses on feeding the soil and the soil microflora within it, meaning that organic ...

  19. Strategic Confusion in Health Issues

    by Vivienne Bradshaw-Black

    The abundance of confusion found within information on health issues is mind-boggling. Even searching for information on one topic can lead down a hundred other avenues, all with c...

  20. Tatha Gallery and the Health Benefits of the Salutogenesis Model

    by Mark Cashley

    The Tatha gallery is a cutting edge art gallery, run by health enthusiasts. It is situated on the southern banks of the river Tay and is drenched daily by the setting sun. The loca...

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