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  1. Soft Tissue, Detoxification and Cranio-Sacral Approaches to Arthritis and Ageing

    by Jonathan Lawrence

    Wear and tear in the joints is known by the alarming names of osteoarthritis, or in the spine, spondylitis. These are conditions, which are present in all adults, especially in late...

  2. Structure and Function in Craniosacral Therapy

    by Jonathan Lawrence

    Craniosacral therapy owes a huge debt to those visionaries originally from the osteopathic profession, who combined an intuitive understanding of the nature of the human organism wi...

  3. The Challenge of the Chronic Patient

    by Jonathan Lawrence

    Yesterday I saw the worst kind of patient, or so the joke goes. A young woman with an acute pain in the neck with associated head pain requiring ibuprofen to function. There were no...

  4. The Craniosacral Approach to Essential Health

    by Michael Kern

    Exploring the principles behind craniosacral therapy, which was developed by Dr William Sutherland and is rooted in osteopathy.

  5. The Dural Membranes – Core of the Craniosacral System

    by Jonathan Lawrence

    Craniosacral therapy works by helping the body to achieve a reboot of its homeostatic mechanisms via the rebalancing of structural imbalances. This is achieved through gentle palpat...

  6. The Importance of the Lymphatic System in Disease and Manual Treatment Approaches

    by Jonathan Lawrence

    Not need to tell you I am sure, but we live in world with unprecedented levels of artificial chemicals. We have not evolved to deal with these agents some of which are not biodegra...

  7. The Power of CranioSacral Therapy: Letting My Body Speak

    by Caroline Ratner

    There are very few times in our busy lives when we have the opportunity to just be held, safely, in silence with no need to give anything back but it is something we all need but m...

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