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  1. On The Warriors Path - A Revolution in Personal Development

    by Simon Lee

    I was born into an environment of male inadequacy. It had existed before I was born and by the time I arrived the atmosphere was thick with a rage and hate that was to permeate ever...

  2. Out of the Darkness and Into the Light of Su Jok Therapy

    by Marilyn Benson

    In this article the author shares why she got into Su Jok Therapy and how it helped her cope with the emotions that engulfed her following the breakdown of her marriage. She says w...

  3. Physical and Spiritual Transformation - Principles of Aikido

    by Shantelle Svarc & Bob Willmington

    This article provides a detailed account of Aikido; its history, principles and purpose, which is summed up in the statement ‘To injure your opponent is to injure yourself’, and ...

  4. Qi Gong - Tui Na

    by Wrio Russell

    Rosey Grandage is an experienced practitioner of Chinese medicine who specialises in Qi Gong and Tui Na. Wrio Russell asks her to demystify this element of Chinese medicine and to ...

  5. Qigong for Optimum Health

    by Dr Lianting Zhao

    The author explains that Qigong therapy has been proven to cure disease and preserve health. However, there is no unified standard definition of the practice and is still a content...

  6. Qigong Transformation

    by Anne Wharton

    Anne Wharton was only 43 years old, but she felt as if she was dying, conventional medicine had failed to diagnose the symptoms of intense neck pain, numbness and blackouts, suffer...

  7. Seiki - A Form of Japanese Healing

    by John Bourne

    Seiki was founded by Akinobu Kishi in 1978. 'Sei' means space and harmony and 'Ki' is life energy and movement. Fundamentally, Seiki treats the breath (the life energy) – through t...

  8. Su Jok Energy Flow Therapy

    by Marilyn Benson

    The Korean language defines Su as hand and Jok as foot. Through stimulation of an array of correspondence systems mapped out on the hands and feet a wave of energy flows to organs a...

  9. Tai Chi - Relieving a Painful Shoulder Injury

    by Leslie Morris

    The author describes how the Chinese practice of Tai Chi can be beneficial in relieving many orthopaedic and sports injuries, including shoulder dislocation.

  10. Tai Chi for Health and Rejuvenation

    by Matthew Rochford

    Matthew Rochford, who has a professional qualification in Tai Chi and runs The Devon School of Tai Chi Chuan (part of the Wu Kung Federation), outlines the principles of Tai Chi, e...

  11. Tai Chi Happiness and Chi Healing: Interview by Aisling King with Master Choy

    by Peter Chin Kean Choy

    With all the doom and gloom we are subjected to everyday in newspapers and television, we really need to see more positive headlines like this in Ireland and everywhere. We are sur...

  12. Tai Chi’s Nine Steps to a Healthy Life

    by Sifu Peter Newton

    You are probably thinking “Oh no, not another meaningless guide to something none of us are likely to be able do”. Well you would be wrong, because this is achievable through a few ...

  13. Tai-Chi Push Hands

    by Peter Chin Kean Choy

    The objective of Tai-Chi Push Hands is to learn how to harmonize the Yin/receptive and Yang/assertive principles, so that better health, communication and vitality can be achieved....

  14. The Healing Art of Qi Gong

    by Wrio Russell

    There are no points for guessing that the healing art of Qi Gong originated in China and, like so many things Chinese, it is now becoming increasingly popular in the West. This is ...

  15. The Health Benefits of T'ai Chi

    by Sheila Dickinson

    Here the author begins by explaining the difference between the body's internal energy or 'Chi' and the earth's external energy, 'Li'. These are free and one can utilise them to ha...

  16. The Internal Healing Art of Hsing-I

    by Keith Dwan

    The internal healing art of Hsing-I is a subject often talked about but is not widely known. Hsing-I is an ancient art of fighting and healing that tunes the mind and body to a fin...

  17. The T'ai Chi Way of Life

    by Per Oden

    This article covers the history, philosophy and practice of T'ai Chi. It describes the author's pilgrimage which led him from transcendental meditation into an ancient Chinese art ...

  18. Therapeutic Benefits of Su Jok Therapy

    by Resham Khiani

    Imagine a holistic therapy that can cure chronic health problems by stimulating the pressure points on our hands and feet - would you try it? ‘Su’ (hand) and ‘Jok’ (foot) are Korea...

  19. Universal Truths of Tai Chi

    by Andrew Broadhead

    This article focuses on Tai Chi which is now practised throughout the West because of the many renowned practitioners from China living here. Many of these practitioners have also ...

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