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Su Jok Energy Flow Therapy

by Marilyn Benson(more info)

listed in chi energy martial arts, originally published in issue 206 - May 2013


The late Professor Park, Jae Woo a Korean scientist philosopher developed a system of health restoring therapies, part of which he named Su Jok Therapy. The Korean language defines Su as hand and Jok as foot. Through stimulation of an array of correspondence systems mapped out on the hands and feet a wave of energy flows to organs and tissues, which has a curative effect on pain and disease.

Hand Su Jok

An example:  On pressing the correspondence area on the finger that relates to injured hamstrings, acute pain is felt in the finger indicating the exact points to be treated. Treatment protocols are varied and tailored to suit individuals.

A treatment protocol could comprise the use of magnets and moxa for one person whilst for another needling would be implemented. For needle phobics, or for people who simply do not like invasive therapies, the use of an electro device which gives the same effect as needles can be substituted, or another option is a light pulse stimulating pen. Massage of points through natural stimulation is another treatment modality which forms an integral part of Su Jok treatment . This therapy is only applied to either the hands or feet never the body.

Light Stimulation

Treating the correspondence areas on the hands / fingers or feet / toes which relate to organs and tissues within the body, is considered physical treatment. A harmonized treatment combines the physical with metaphysical energy flow therapy to bring about optimum benefits.

Su Jok

Aside from the array of correspondence systems Professor Park found on the hands and feet, he also discovered a metaphysical Byol meridian and chakra system. Byol meridians and chakras are either treated in the same way as the traditional Chinese meridian system, through either tonification or sedation to balance, or through 6 points on each meridian / chakra known as the 6 Ki points. Obviously this evolved metaphysical energy flow system negates the necessity of learning the 364 acu points scattered around the body that traditional acupuncture is based upon, which in turn simplifies the body’s energy system making it very easy for students to learn and understand.

Su Jok

The 6 Ki  points relate directly to our constitution. Wind, heat, hotness, humidity, dryness and coldness work together either in unison which maintains good health or discord which gives rise to poor health. For example, Wind relates to movement and as such joints are categorized as wind. Heat is responsible for inflammation within the body. If heat becomes excessive within wind then joints become inflamed and movement is restricted.

In this instance a prescription has to be made to sedate heat, tonify dryness and tonify coldness on either the wind meridian, wind chakra or both simultaneously. Through application of this treatment, the cycle is rebalanced by bringing cooling coldness energy to the joints. Tonification of coldness energy sedates heat; dryness is on the opposite axis to heat and through tonification will also draw energy away from heat. The treatment method is then finalized through sedating heat in hotness, hotness being the controlling energy which will effectively balance heat through the whole cycle bringing relief to inflamed joints and freedom of movement.

In all cases, if the presenting condition is acute, meaning less than 6 months duration, usually a maximum of four treatment sessions will be necessary. Over 6 months, the condition is termed chronic and can take up to 10 sessions to eradicate the problem.

Su Jok energy flow therapy treats the cause of illness, together with its effects. For clarification of this statement, one example is frozen shoulder. Orthodox medicine and many complementary therapies work on the shoulder and surrounding tissues in attempting to free the area, often with limited effect. One of the methods of treatment in working with Energy Flow Therapy is to first establish the meridian pathway closest to the area of pain, disease or disorder, which is known as location diagnosis.

In the majority of cases the root cause of frozen shoulder is the imbalanced energy flow on the small intestine meridian. It does not follow that there is a problem with the small intestine itself at this stage, but if the energy is not rebalanced then in time this would result in problems with the small intestine.

The pathway of the small intestine meridian relating to Traditional Chinese Medicine runs up the arm, across the scapula travelling up across the shoulder to a point in front of the ear on both left and right sides of the body. Mostly, when frozen shoulder is presenting, the energy on the meridian is excessive.

In order to restore balance to the small intestine meridian to alleviate pain and free the shoulder, a 6Ki prescription is written. The small intestine meridian is classified as Heat. Excessive heat energy gives rise to inflammation so Heat energy has to be sedated on the small intestine meridian, coldness energy is tonified to cool things down and humidity which is responsible for adhesions is also sedated.

This is just one example of the many treatment methods available within the philosophy of Su Jok Energy Flow Therapy.

Further Information

Here is a fuller Powerpoint presentation


  1. Kristine Walker said..

    As a researcher in Hand Reflexology (and Foot) for the last 30 years I find this very exciting. I have discovered similar correspondences in my work and it is pleasing to have this verified in this article. I shall be looking further at Su Jok Energy Flow Therapy to support my work. Thanks Marilyn.

  2. kirty said..

    I have problem in eyes there is many floter in eyes
    or macular dezenration plz advice treatment with picture.

  3. farida said..

    Dear sir I had been suffering from frozen shoulder right arm since two can I help myself to get rid of pain with sujok method of healing kindly discribe treatment with showing pictures.Thanks in advance..looking forward to recive your advices.Thanks

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About Marilyn Benson

Marilyn Benson ITEC Cert. Ed. is a qualified lecturer and practitioner of Su Jok Acu and Energy Flow Therapy. She runs courses throughout the year for practising therapists who currently hold a diploma in Anatomy & Physiology. Self-help workshops for lay persons are also available to anyone wishing to treat themselves naturally for everyday complaints. Marilyn may be contacted via Tel: 01342 317138; Mob: 07961 157609;  and

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