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  1. Letters to the Editor Issue 60

    by Letters

    Complementary Cults + Light Therapy for PMS + Response from Jo George + Progesterone and PMS + Internet Site Helpful + Comments re Dr Pheby's ME article

  2. Letters to the Editor Issue 61

    by Letters

    Urgent: EU Restrictive Directive + Cancer 2000 – in Care: 4th National Conference on Integrated Cancer Care

  3. Letters to the Editor Issue 62

    by Letters

    Medical Resonance Therapy Music + Vitamin and Health Supplements Restriction + Aloe Vera and Reiki for Mouth Ulcers

  4. Letters to the Editor Issue 63

    by Letters

    Positively Confused + Stephen Byrnes replies to William McMorran + Spiritual Healing Works

  5. Letters to the Editor Issue 64

    by Letters

    Treatment for Obsessive Compulsive Disorder? + Fractal Acupuncture + What are the priorities in medical research? + Vitamin & Health Supplement Restriction

  6. Letters to the Editor Issue 65

    by Letters

    Cycle for Charity + Endometriosis + Dairy and Breast Cancer Conflicting Arguments + The Editor Comments + The Group For the Scientific Reappraisal of AIDS Welcomes and Endorses Pan...

  7. Letters to the Editor Issue 66

    by Letters

    Dr Walter Barker – Mindless Foot and Mouth Slaughter + The Editor Replies + The Healing Power of Sound + Obesity – Misleading Weight Charts

  8. Letters to the Editor Issue 67

    by Letters

    Pharmaceutical Industry and Cancer + Natural Cancer Treatment Scandals + Mary Martin Replies to A Wells (Issue 64) + A Wells responds + Rumours and Myths about Tampons + To: Ion Ta...

  9. Letters to the Editor Issue 68

    by Letters

    The Ethics of Plant vs Petrochemical Medicine + Media Reporting of Complementary Medicine + More about Perceptual Enrichment Programme

  10. Letters to the Editor Issue 69

    by Letters

    Orthodox Medicine should be Complementary + Reflexology for Eyesight? Issue 67, page 28 + Sue Ricks Replies + ALL Cholesterol Lowering Drugs are Dangerous + Professor Ernst Comment...

  11. Letters to the Editor Issue 70

    by Letters

    Jolanta Basnyet re Prof Ernst Book Review + Soil Minerals and Organic Agriculture + Death of Sally Baldwin + One Year On – Death of Rysia Ziendalski + Experts Dispute Soy Formula S...

  12. Letters to the Editor Issue 71

    by Letters

    Health in a Global Context – Reverberations of 11 September + Proposed Experiment: Potassium Supplements for Rheumatoid Arthritis + Cancer Complementary Treatment Ignored by the BB...

  13. Letters to the Editor Issue 72

    by Letters

    More Comment: The Desktop Guide to Complementary Medicine by Prof Ernst + EU Supplement Directive

  14. Letters to the Editor Issue 73

    by Letters

    Scientists find Fluoridation Outdated and Question its Morality Journal of the Canadian Dental Association + Vitamin C Cancer Therapy + Complain to your Member of Parliament

  15. Letters to the Editor Issue 74

    by Letters

    Yoga Not a Threat to Christianity + To Kaisa – Life, Love and Complementary Health Care + Placebo Effect + Seeking Parkinson's Volunteers + Nick Carter DO, MBRA, FSMTO 15.10.37 – 9...

  16. Letters to the Editor Issue 75

    by Letters

    Mindless MMR – Dr Peter Mansfield Explains Why Single Vaccines Really Fell out of Favour + Researching Therapist Burn-out + EU Supplement Directive Cruel + More on EU Supplement Di...

  17. Letters to the Editor Issue 76

    by Letters

    More: EU Supplement Directive + Buteyko Breathing + Further Research into Soybeans

  18. Letters to the Editor Issue 77

    by Letters

    EU Supplement Directive + EU Directive and Other Follies + Freedom of Choice? + US Government Confused About Mammograms + Comment re Editorial Issue 76 + Aura and Electomagnetism +...

  19. Letters to the Editor Issue 78

    by Letters

    Late breaking news re: EU Directive + A Dietary Supplements Health Education Act for the UK? + The Editor Replies + More re European Supplement Directive + Organic Food and Health ...

  20. Letters to the Editor Issue 79

    by Letters

    Immune 26 + HRT and Risk of Gallstones + Seeking Feedback from Medical Professionals + Update + Appreciative Practitioner +  More: Fat and Weight Loss

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