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Letters to the Editor Issue 54

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listed in letters to the editor, originally published in issue 54 - July 2000

Fluoridation without Consent

The UK government, having set aside the weight of scientific evidence which has established an overwhelmingly causal link between fluoride/fluoridation with cancer, genetic damage, neurological impairment and bone pathology, is about to declare fluoride safe and introduce fluoridation into the water supply.

If we don't act NOW, we will be force-fed this toxic chemical through our water taps!

1 Check out;
2 Write to your local councillor and MP, your first line of defence;
3 Organize a public meeting to get together with like-minded people;
4 Buy fluoride-free toothpaste from a health store;
5 If fluoridation is introduced into your area, buy a distillation unit or a reverse osmosis filter to remove it;

If fluoride can damage teeth, it can also damage bones and other body cells.

Walter Graham
Spokesman for N. Ireland Councils Opposed to Fluoridation

Reflexology not appreciated

Thank you so much for posting me the June edition of Positive Health. I thought that Issue 53 contained some excellent articles especially the one about Reflexology which I practise. There are numerous occasions however, when I feel that members of the public greet the word Reflexology with utter cynicism which I find rather disheartening and at worse angers me. To give you an example – I went into a small newsagents in Engelfield Green, Surrey, upon visiting my elderly father in a nursing home, and asked permission to place an advert in the window. He kindly agreed but then casually said, "I've always thought of having my feet tickled." I then stopped and corrected his words, indicating that Reflexology is not about tickling one's feet! I still find people very naive or ignorant when the term Reflexology is mentioned. I enjoyed reading Mary Martin's feature very much. Again, I agree that people often turn to this form of therapy when they are 'desperate' and all else has failed or have nobody else to turn to. Or a mixture of both. Since this has a very therapeutic effect upon the 'system' in people, I wish more people would consider natural therapies whilst in a state of anxiety/stress as a preventative measure rather than wait till the conditions become chronic and more complex, when Reflexology may not afford the same powerful effect.

Teresa Lloyd

Doctors' Mistakes

May I congratulate you on your excellent Editorial in the March Issue (No 50) of Positive Health – really excellent. I remember my father many years ago saying, regarding the medical profession "the one thing doctors can do is to bury their mistakes!!!"

Articles like your Editorial do open peoples eyes and help bring the best of all therapies together.

Keep up the good work, I find your magazine very informative reading.

John Morley Kirk
Practitioner in Reflexology and Electronic Medicine

Another Dorothy Rowe Fan

I have just looked at the May Issue (No 52) of Positive Health. Thanks for clarifying the vitamin C debate.

Also Breaking the Bonds was the book that opened doors for me when I had depression in 91 and 92. I began to have some understanding of why I had become depressed and who I really was. Two sessions of kinesiology turned around a pattern that two years of antidepressants failed to address – that's why I am now a kinesiologist.

Stanley Giles

Alternative Therapies for Asperger Syndrome

Samuel is 9 years old and has been diagnosed as having Asperger Syndrome.

We are reluctant to use drugs and wondered if there has been any research undertaken for alternative therapies that could be considered. Are there any vitamins that could be of benefit ?

Michael Kellwick   Aldershot, Hants GU12 5QW

Help for Dry Eyes

Might I request a feature on dry eyes – or inadequate tear film?

There is a dry eye clinic at the local hospital indicating that this is a common problem and sufferers need help in managing this condition.

The allopathic treatment would appear to be the use of artificial tears in which the pharmaceutical companies must be heavily involved – plus lifestyle advice (Drugs and don'ts).

Whereas there are excellent books on improving eyesight without the use of spectacles I have never found any ideas on improving the dry eye condition by improving or reversing the condition as opposed to treating the symptoms.

I would be surprised if other western doctors have not gone into the subject, especially with an ageing population prone to the problem.

I feel very sure many readers would, like myself, appreciate a detailed feature on the subject.

PK Davies

Backdoor Censorship!!

It may be of interest to your editor that recently I wanted to replace a copy of Gerson's book on Cancer Therapy which had gone astray, only to be informed by the bookseller that the Customs and Excise, are not allowing copies to come into the UK. If this is true it is censorship by the back door.

J Garret-Cyster
Chartered Physiotherapist


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