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  1. Biodanza and Parkinson's Disease: Proposal of Motor Existential Rehabilitaion

    by Rolando Toro Araneda

    Parkinson's disease is a progressive disorder of the central nervous system causing physical symptoms such as muscular rigidity and tremor by which it is most usually recognized. H...

  2. Medicine’s Fresh New Hope

    by Rajgopal Nidamboor

    It  goes without saying that neurobiology holds fresh hope for individuals suffering from emotional as well as other developmental disorders. This is because of the prospect of quic...

  3. Mushroom Combination Shown to Reduce Pathological Changes Associated with Parkinson’s Disease

    by William Ahern

    Two mushroom species – Hericium erinaceus and Coriolus versicolor – have been widely studied individually and in combination to assess their effects in ameliorating the pathological...

  4. Mushroom Nutrition as a Disease Modifying Therapy for Neurodegenerative Conditions? Part IV-Neurogenic Reserve

    by William Ahern

    To date the development of a pharmaceutical solution to Alzheimer’s Disease (AD) to reduce the increase of both Tau and β-Amyloid protein production has been disappointing.

  5. Mushroom Nutrition: Prebiotic Implications for Neurodegenerative Conditions

    by Aritson Cruz, Lígia Pimentel, Tito Fernandes and Manuela Pintado

    Over the past 10 years, there has been much research effort focused on trying to understand the role of mushroom nutrition in slowing the onset and progression of neurodegenerative ...

  6. Neural Organisation Technique

    by Dr Carl Ferreri

    Neural Organisation Technique (NOT), a non-invasive, kinesiologically-based treatment protocol, is designed to recognise any of the disorganisations that may be found within the ne...

  7. Neural Therapy

    by Angelica Hochadel and Sigfried Trefzer

    In the naturopathically oriented medical and 'Heil-praktiker' clinics 'neural therapy' as described by 'Huneke' (1925) has been considered to be one of the best therapeutic measure...

  8. NeuroMuscular Therapy - History and Uses

    by Peter Lane

    NMT is based on neurological laws that explain how the central nervous system maintains homoeostatic balance, and in many cases, eliminates the cause of a person's acute to chronic...

  9. Neuromuscular Therapy for Chronic Pain and Postural Dysfunction

    by Humphrey Bacchus

    This article describes the treatment of a client, an athlete with some complex muscular-skeletal problems, by the comprehensive approach which is Neuromuscular Therapy.

  10. Neurotransmitters – Acetylcholine

    by Emma Rushe

    So far, this series [from Walnut Magazine] on neurotransmitters has covered serotonin, GABA and dopamine, and in this final instalment, we focus on acetylcholine - a neurotransmitte...

  11. Offering Hope to Others whilst Fighting his own Neuromuscular Condition

    by Ron E West

    Ron E West, now 76 years ‘young’, is on a mission to tell his story to others and share his experience and knowledge, in coping with and even reversing many of the chronic, debilita...

  12. Parkinson's Disease

    by June Butlin

    There are about 120,000 people in the UK with Parkinson's Disease, a progressive disorder of the central nervous system affecting muscular movement. This article by June Butlin mak...

  13. Parkinsons Disease and Cervical Dystonia

    by M Amir

    I had a very Interesting Case Today The patient is a 51 year old lady who presented with a diagnosis of ‘Parkinson's disease’ and ‘Cervical Dystonia’. She was very nervous with a h...

  14. Potential of Mushroom Supplementation to Inhibit Progression of Alzheimer´s Disease

    by Prof Vittorio Calabrese and Maria Laura Ontario

    The World Health Organization reports that 47.5 million people are affected by dementia worldwide. With aging populations and 7.7 million new cases each year, the burden of illness ...

  15. Rationale for Mushroom Nutrition Supplementation in Neurodegenerative Conditions*

    by Carolin Cornelius, Monia Cavallaro, Maria Scuto and Vittorio Calabrese

    The effects of edible mushrooms is an area of increasing interest associated with health benefits in a number of pathologies, mostly associated with oxidative stress and free-radica...

  16. The Neuron Saga: Medicine's Fresh New Hope

    by Rajgopal Nidamboor

    You are what you are isn't as simple as it sounds. This is because who we are is based not just on our identities, but also our dreams, hopes, intelligence, memories, the world arou...

  17. The Pain Jungle - Assessment and Treatment with Gunn Intramuscular Stimulation (IMS)

    by Nicky Snazell

    Would you like to learn about an effective drug and surgery free treatment for pain relief? If the answer is a sceptical yes then please read on.

  18. Understanding Spino Cerebellar Ataxia (SCA)

    by M Amir

    I am a dental surgeon, trained at the University of London and based in London. The welfare of my patients, many of whom have been in my care for general dentistry for decades is pa...

  19. What Neuroscience Teaches Us About Nurturing You and Your Brain as You Age

    by Dr Henry Mahncke

    I’ve spent the last three decades as a brain scientist on the front lines of revolutionary work in understanding what happens to the brain as an organ as it faces ageing and other v...

  20. Why Can’t I Work Out What’s Wrong With Me?

    by Vivienne Bradshaw-Black

    So many of us have multiple symptoms that seem to be dissociated. Visits to the doctor yield referrals to different consultants each giving tests and diagnoses within their own spe...

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