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Understanding Spino Cerebellar Ataxia (SCA)

by M Amir(more info)

listed in neurological and neurodegenerative, originally published in issue 273 - September 2021


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I am a dental surgeon, trained at the University of London and based in London. The welfare of my patients, many of whom have been in my care for general dentistry for decades is paramount. Through the years of utter dedication, I discovered that many secrets of our health are very finely related to the symmetry of our structure. This has helped relieve patients of a majority of their symptoms usually attributed to 'medical' illnesses.

I have gathered a huge amount of qualitative evidence that proves without a doubt that dental practice needs to evolve and shift away from practices that do grave harm to patient health. My techniques and approach have helped countless patients often saving their lives. However, the GDC's [General Dental Council] Professional Conduct Committee, under very dubious and questionable procedures found me guilty for claiming success in very many illnesses and suspended me from practice.

They employed experts who had conflicting interests with my care of patients, and it is incumbent upon me to go public and expose the excesses of both medicine and dentistry which are giving patients life-long illnesses, incapacity, and early death.

"Patient protection" is the pretence under which they crucify dentists who are capable of bringing about great healing to those who are currently chronically sick.

On reading my blogs you will see that "Patient protection" is the last thing on their minds. They have actually seriously harmed at least 200 of my current patients and thousands of past and future patients.

I have to defend numerous issues raised. One was the subject of this Spino Cerebellar Ataxia (SCA) article where the GDC spent at least a million pounds challenging my viewpoint. They were not interested in any successes attained and tried to prove my "guilt" through the evidence provided by an expert who had absolutely no knowledge of this subject and made up a story as he went along. You will be shocked to read the farcical nonsense of the GDC jurisprudence. The GDC prosecution appointed “expert” reports:

GDC Report

Medical literature says:
"Spinocerebellar ataxia (SCA) is a form of hereditary, progressive ataxia with more than 20 identified types sharing similar symptoms. There is currently no treatment or cure to slow the progression of spinocerebellar ataxia." The neurologists also have difficulty precisely diagnosing this condition in up to 40% of the cases.

Neurologists monopolize the treatment of such patients for a condition where they neither know the cause nor have any treatment for them.

The neurologists have no answers but the GDC "expert" maxillofacial surgeon knows that this patient's systemic condition is "either partially or wholly causing this patient's TMD".

I do not think there is any record anywhere in the medical literature that makes such a ridiculous assertion. However, the clueless hearing committee appeared mesmerized by this expert's "knowledge". They did not enquire, listen or read about any patients who had recovered from their ataxic disabilities. nor did the partial expert bring such testimony to their attention. They did not ask me about my assertions either.


Courtesy Wikipedia

In my very long experience treating hundreds of patients' very many systemic symptoms successfully, I have never found any "systemic condition" which causes temporomandibular disorder (TMD) nor has anyone else in the world claimed such a ridiculous association. It is always the other way round.

TMD is initiated for a number of reasons and NEVER by "systemic conditions". Briefly, these are:

  • Developmentally retrognathic jaws due to dietary deprecation in modern societies. Please read Dr Weston Prices'
  • A genetically smaller lower jaw. An extremely rare occurrence.
  • A poor swallowing pattern causing crowding in the jaws often resulting in an inability of the lower jaw to grow forward.
  • Missing teeth. That is upper lateral incisors, upper second premolars, missing wisdom teeth. These teeth are most often missing amongst northern Europeans resulting in a more upright face.
    Previously the eugenicists called this "a more evolved face as opposed to a prognathic African face" but we now know that these mutations which have been carried through, as they do not affect procreation, are actually extremely detrimental for a proper head posture as the heads' weight-bearing changes on the neck.
  • Constrictive orthodontics carried out at an early age without the extraction of any teeth.
  • Iatrogenic orthodontic extractions of teeth to drive the upper jaw posteriorly to meet a recessive lower jaw.
  • The extraction of wisdom teeth which also drives both jaws backward. Please see the photos in this article.

All these give rise to retrognathic upper and especially lower jaws and on full development, the condylar heads bend and beak forwards often causing the disk to slip forward giving rise to jaw clicking, difficulty opening the mouth, and pain. This is what we call TMD. This is treated by the maxillofacial surgeon "experts" either by some palliative measures or through surgical interventions such as:

  • Arthrocentesis - washing the joint.
  • Reseating the displaced disc.
  • Reshaping the condylar head surgically.

These are futile exercises as the jaw joint has mesenchymal tissue which regenerates back to its genetic potential and goes back into pathology. I have numerous patients who underwent such surgery at great expense with some paying tens of thousands of pounds for the procedure and they got no improvement in their condition.

My system is the exact opposite. It addresses the actual cause after careful evaluation and aims to bring about the necessary change. It is non-invasive and extremely successful.

Only an impartial scientist can look at both methodologies and give an impartial expert judgment based on the outcomes of each method, not some biased appointee trying to save his own neck.

Appointing someone with a conflicting interest is a corruption of justice of the first order. This the GDC prosecutors vociferously and vindictively organized and need the law society to look into their practices.

The imbalance produced by the altered jaw size and position alters the balance of the head on the neck spine. This causes the spine to compensate by rotating the 1st vertebra called the Atlas which rotates forwards. The rest of the neck spine also rotates in the same direction while the lower back compensates by rotating in the opposite direction causing hip rotation which eventually leads to walking disabilities. A lot is explained in other articles so I have kept it brief here.

At the first occurrence of hip pain, dental intervention is required – not medical interference. Here can you imagine a dentist checking your hip level? And yet this is the most fundamental examination which every dentist must undertake. A ONE mm discrepancy in the mouth can cause a FIVE Centimetre asymmetry in the hip.

After failing to find a viable solution, for a dental and jaw asymmetry problem, through medication, the neurologists usually explain away their failures by possibly suggesting that the patient has:

  • A virus.
  • A genetic condition.
  • A hereditary condition.
  • A mental issue in need of psychiatric drugs.
  • An autoimmune disease.

I am sure many of my readers have had this exact same explanation as this practice is widespread across many systemic illnesses which my experience attributes to a dental cause.

The possible mechanism of Ataxia is enshrined in the article I wrote: "Ataxia - Is asymmetry of the Cranio-cervical junction a major cause?"

Further deficits that patients with SCA experience are caused by the occiput becoming unlevel which physically alters the shape of the cerebellum leading to neurological problems.

The rotation of the first cervical vertebrae often affecting or rather diminishing the blood supply to the cerebellum on the forwardly rotated side.

So the patient ends up suffering from:

  • A compromised blood flow on one side of the cerebellum.
  • Consequently neural deficits in cerebellar function causing problems with fine motor control.
  • Interference in the vagal nerve innervation because of the rotated Atlas vertebra.
  • Changes in the nerves emanating from the cerebellar area chiefly the hypoglossal nerve causing swallowing and speech problems.
  • Visual disturbances as explained in my article on Visual Snow

Further problems that arise in such patients include:

  • Stiffness in the Trapezius and Sterno mastoid muscles, which can cause severe neck pain.
  • Asymmetry of the neck spine and the muscle tension causes shoulder pain often very serious, as this patient was experiencing.
  • Alterations in the breathing capacity.
  • Gastric problems due to loss of full breathing capacity and vagal nerve interferences. This patient had severe gastric issues too.

The explanations provided here not only cover all the symptoms that this patient was suffering from but also all other symptoms that arise in such patients.

These linkages were demonstrably shown to the patient when he attended for a preliminary consultation three months earlier. He was however referred to maxillofacial surgeons in three hospitals all of them poopooed any associations in the bodily symptoms but instead had the audacity to tell him that there was nothing wrong with his jaw and he should do palliative treatment which he had undertaken, albeit unsuccessfully, for the previous thirty years.

Correct dental intervention would mitigate or eliminate the cause thus, at the very least, arresting his condition.

Given sufficient time, one would be able to tell if this patients' condition was of a genetic disposition. No change would occur in the presence of an inherited or genetic disorder. This patient actually experienced a remarkable improvement in just one week of wearing an emergency appliance. His treatment lasted just one week, before the GDC and its army of lawyers pounced on the instigation of his ex-wife. They also repeatedly claimed that he was my patient for four months!

I was denied the chance by the illiteracy of the GDC outfit and its gangs of lawyers who cannot see beyond their nose; much worse still the patient was denied the opportunity which has left him crippled. He has a cause of action against the GDC.

A slight mediation at the outset would have been sufficient. The complainant was not the patient who was extremely happy with the improvements attained with just one week of treatment, but his ex-wife who I had never heard of. She is equally culpable.

Treating the hip is never going to fix the TMD but treating the jaw will fix the hip 90% of the time especially if the intervention takes place early! This patient had been fobbed off by dentists and hospital maxillofacial surgeons for thirty years.

Please remember that the hip asymmetry would have been present on day one when he first complained of jaw pain some 30 years earlier.

The complaints handling by the GDC through the expenditure of millions of pounds with law firms for the most idiotic of complaints are a hindrance to progress in this unique field of knowledge that requires furtherance, not an obstruction and obliteration to the detriment of hundreds of thousands of patients worldwide suffering from gait issues.

This website is for the essential protection of patients. Please spread this article widely

"Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on earth" - Muhammed Ali.

Please bring these articles to the attention of all the patients who are chronically ill all over the world suffering from a wide variety of symptoms as per many articles on this website so they can go to the right person to get relief. Please also bring these articles to your dentists' attention so that the dentists can realise their true potential and bring about true healing in this world.

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About M Amir

M Amir BDS MSc (U. London) Dental Surgeon was a dental surgeon practising holistic dentistry in London. He specialized in the treatment of patients with medical problems emanating from the dysfunction of the jaw joint. He took particular interest in the field of body symmetry and its relationship to health He may be contacted on Tel: 0208 780 3433 (secretary);

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