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  1. A Guide to Insurance - Managing Risk and Identifying Health Professionals Insurance Needs

    by David Balen

    In today’s claims culture, aided by the rise of ‘no win, no fee’ solicitors and the effects of our recessionary times, the ability to sue is no longer restricted to the rich or famo...

  2. Are You A Corporate Risk? Vital Insurance Issues for Health Practitioners

    by David Balen

    The author covers practices such as those set up as a limited company or other corporate entity, consisting of one person or multi-person, multi-therapy, as well as the various r...

  3. Complementary Medicine - the view from a health insurer

    by Peter Fermoy

    Availability and access to complementary therapies through insurance cover will become improved and increased in future months and years.

  4. Health Care Cash Plans

    by James A. Young

    Health Care Cash Plans are schemes that provide cash towards a range of healthcare benefits.  Although these schemes are comprehensive with the benefits they encompass, they are in...

  5. Insurance for Therapy Practitioners

    by John Cragg

    In the current compensation culture, this article warns of the risks and hidden pitfalls of complementary practitioners having inadequate insurance cover.

  6. Insurance Issues Vital to Complementary Practitioners

    by David Balen

    Insurance is an important aspect of professionalism. Whilst there are a number of legal and ethical principles involved in conducting a practice, the simple fact is that as a healt...

  7. Rise in Private Healthcare, in Part Driven by Covid

    by Hannah Whitehouse

    After 19 months of stress, uncertainty and seemingly endless restrictions, the world is gradually opening up again. Lockdown rules, such as caps on indoor gatherings and mandatory m...

  8. The Changing Face of Private Medical Insurance

    by David Megginson

    The traditionally cool relationship between medical insurance companies and non-conventional medical practitioners is changing. Why is this, and what are the implications for pract...

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