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Threading - Quick and Painless Hair Removal Solution

by Anna Marcysiak(more info)

listed in women's health, originally published in issue 211 - January 2014

There are many options available to remove unwanted hair, but few options to get rid of hair permanently. The different methods of hair removal from the old stand-by, shaving, to the new treatments, lasers. Each person should chose a method or combination of methods that works best for them depending on cost, time available, skin type, and the desired hair-free area.


Eye Brow Threading History

The origins of threading came to us from the eastern cultures and is believed to have started in Turkey or possibly India .  It has popularity in Indian and Persian cultures and goes far back into their history.  In Iran it has become almost a ceremonial requirement for special occasions like weddings.  In Persia, eye brow threading was performed as a sign that that a young girl had made the transition to becoming a woman.  We may never know that actual country of origin since many of these cultures exchanges ideas early in their history.  There were trading routes that carried goods and cultural exchange throughout much of the East. 

Threading is a quick and painless, long lasting solution to hair removal. This procedure allows the hair-pulling from the root, so the effect lasts a long time. The method is very hygienic and ecological. Therapist  use only clean, new threads, the old piece is removed right after treatment. Some medical conditions and medications often push people to this method of eyebrow removal. In many instances, most dermatologists advise people with acne to use eyebrow threading only.

Advantages of Threading

The treatment is kinder to the skin than waxing as no heat or chemicals are applied. Most waxes are used warm, but can be heated up too much and burn the skin resulting in extreme pain and scabby skin; The thread is also able to pick up very fine hairs that you might miss with tweezers; Delicate skin. The skin around the eyes is thin, and can get easily irritated from waxing even if it doesn't bother other body zones. Threading eyebrows is a true life saver for hair removal in the eye area; Threading just pulls the hair, unlike waxing which pulls the skin, over time waxing causes the skin to loosen and develop premature wrinkles; Threading lifts the hair from the follicle, therefore if it is done on a regular basis, it weakens the hair follicle so hair growth becomes less dense over time, and new hair will grow finer and sparser.


It is hard to find a very skilled practitioner, and it is a painful process with an unskilled practitioner; Threading only works on flat surfaces and does not work on bikini lines or knees; For people with severe acne, threading can cause acne ruptures; Like other hair removal methods, threading can cause folliculitis, reddening of the skin and skin pigment change; Discomfort. Most people get used to threading and find the discomfort is only slight, while some claim to have no pain at all.

This makes threading the most effective method of hair removal on the face for everyone. It is the choice of the person on how to get rid of unwanted body hair, what method the choice may be; there are consequences with any body hair removal. Try consulting a skilled practitioner when you would like to try threading as means of hair removal method. Threading  reduces  facial hair growth and its make eyebrows perfect shape without damage in skin.

Case Study

Threading Threading

I have always been very cautious about having my eyebrows done as they are so visible on my face. I always looked at other peoples eyebrows and at models in magazines and they all had very thin eyebrows. I was also very conscious that I had a lot of dark fine hair on my upper lip which has been there since fourth grade in school. After a while my school friends  started to comment on my lip and bushy eyebrows and I became more self conscious about them so I spoke to my mum and she arranged for me to go to the Brow Boutique where I had my upper lip threaded and my eyebrows shaped. When I returned to school lots of people noticed that there was something different about me and i had lots of compliments about how good I was looking but they couldn't quite put their finger on what it was that had changed. I was a bit scared at first that it would hurt but it actually wasn't that bad. I am much happier with my appearance now and it has given me more self confidence. I would recommend that anybody considering having their eyebrows done or hair removed give threading a try.

Threading Hair Removal Costs

Threading is primarily done on the face, and pricing will vary according to where the salon or spa is located, and what type of facility it is.

  • Eyebrow (both eyebrows, including in-between) £5-£13;
  • Lip (skin right above upper lip) £3-£8;
  • Full Face £20-£35;
  • Chin £3-£8.

Other Hair Removal Methods

  • Bleaching is actually not a hair removal method, but rather a way to make the hair less noticeable. This is especially useful for areas that already have thin but dark and therefore noticeable hair like the arms, face, or neck. Bleaching is performed by applying a chemical to the desired area, which removes the pigment from the hair.
  • Shaving is the most temporary method of hair removal because it merely cuts the hair off at the skin surface. Shaving does not make the hair shaft thicker, darker, or grow faster or slower.
  • Plucking hair with tweezers is an effective way to remove hair but can be very time consuming. The hair shaft must be long enough to grasp with tweezers.
  • Waxing is an effective method of removing large amounts of hair at one time. In this method wax is warmed to allow it to be spread easily over the skin in the direction of hair growth.
  • Sugar waxing is a popular form of hair removal that works in the same way traditional waxing does. A thick sugary substance similar to caramel is spread on the skin in the direction of hair growth. The hair becomes embedded in the caramel.
  • Laser hair removal is a safe, virtually painless method of removing unwanted hair. It works by focusing a laser beam at the base of the hair follicle, halting hair growth.
  • Electrolysis A sound knowledge and understanding of how the machine works before treating the client is essential. Electrolysis involves inserting a fine needle into the hair follicle and applying an electrical current to the follicle root. This procedure actually burns the hair root, theoretically preventing it from producing more hair. Each hair follicle must be treated individually; it may take several treatments to destroy the follicle. Electrolysis is a permanent form of hair removal.

There are different methods of performing electrolysis:

  • Thermoloysis/Diathermy;
  • Galvanic;
  • Blend,

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